Electronic Symphonic Composer Chris Ianuzzi Collaborates With NYC Artists for Dystopian “Hello” Music Video

“Hello” will be featured on Chris’s “Planetaria” album due for release June 15, 2020.

Chris Ianuzzi‘s new music video for “Hello” is the result of a fresh collaboration with fellow New York-based creatives D. Carlton Bright (videographer) and Max Rosenthal (artist). The project was conceived and completed while socially distancing during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The video fuses together local footage of New York City and terrifying original drawings timed to the frenetic pace of the music’s electronic pulse. The end result is an appropriately jarring and exciting visual.

“The music is colorful, brilliant, sparkly and fast with a dark intertia to it. It made sense to speed up my footage 2000 – 3000 %. Full-tilt into hitting the rhythm so as to be direct and not beat around the bush. I was aiming for an international back-and-forth with the dial up phone reaching out into the dystopian speed of time.” said D. Carlton Bright, who shot “Hello” exclusively in digital video (DV).

The eye-catching drawings were provided by Max Rosenthal.

“I was happy to be a part of this project. Chris’s music is aggressively hypnotic in a way that I was pleased to hear fit my drawing style along with the footage edited and shot by Carlton. 3 subconsciousness’s are better than 1.” said Max.

Ominous, fascinating and seemingly boundless, “Hello” is a glimpse into the musical psyche of Electronic Symphonic composer Chris Ianuzzi. Featured on current 3-track EP “Olga in a Black Hole”“Hello” will also be featured on Chris’s upcoming full-length “Planetaria” album.

About this new collaboration and the original inspiration for the song, Chris has this to say:

“I really enjoy the work that Carlton and Max brought to the video. They brought a new life to the piece of music.

My inspiration for Hello was based on an experience in Italy 30 years ago. The story involved a rotary phone that made rotary dial up noise. I was repeatedly calling  and speaking into an answering machine. ” Hello”  “Hello” My feeling was calling into a great beyond, a vast network of equality. Over and over again, I was in the loop. It was a very one sided outreach, never knowing if the person I was trying to reach could hear me.

I think what Carlton and Max brought to it was a similar feeling of calling into the beyond that exists right now in NYC. We wonder alone if anyone is listening or can really hear us. yet we call and call.

This is fantastic and I hope to hear more peoples’ stories from the video and music together.”

Watch the “Hello” music video below.

More about Chris Ianuzzi

New York’s Composer/Songwriter Chris Ianuzzi makes a fantasy world of music and visuals that is highly recommend instead of blowing your money on either therapy or narcotics!

Ianuzzi’s interest in electronic music never waned after the sound of a Moog synthesizer at a music store triggered an earlier childhood hallucinogenic memory first experienced during a dental procedure.

Highlights from his formal music training include a performance for the American Society for University Composers (in which he played a piano using a chisel, rubber wedge and an ARP 2600).

For a number of years Ianuzzi served as an Electronic Creative associate with the legendary Suzanne Ciani and her Electronic Music booutique for Sound Design and Scoring. Chris’ early years also included work with Vangelis and ex-Tangerine Dream member Peter Baumann as well as work on Billboard chart-topping projects such as “AEIOU” by Freeze and “Way of Life” by The Puppets. During this time, Ianuzzi developed his song writing skills. Ianuzzi also recorded two albums with the band Sluka (Meldac Records) while touring Japan and Europe.

He then returned to New York and scored for visual works in all media. This work included composing orchestral music for the HBO “Earth to Moon” series and creating sound design and musical composition for large interactive environments.

Though he has become a bit more grounded since his childhood psychedelic musical awakening, Ianuzzi’s creativity remains a driving force.

Chris released a string of inspired albums and EP’s under the moniker I, Synthesist between the years of 2004 -2016 including Avalanche (album, 2004), Art of Survival (album, 2007), Somewhere and Everywhere (album, 2013) and Circus Ride to Venus (EP, 2016).

Now writing and recording under the Chris Ianuzzi name, a 3-track EP “Olga in a Black Hole” was released on 03/09/2020 to critical acclaim. He followed this release up by collaborating with New York-based creatives D. Carlton Bright and Max Rosenthal to create an original music video for “Hello”, a track featured on the EP and also planned for inclusion on upcoming full-length album “Planetaria” out 06/15/2020 on all platforms.

About Max Rosenthal

Max Rosenthal is an animation assistant specializing in character design. He’s also writes occasionally and does stand up. You can see some of his comedy here:  and follow him on instagram @Maximalhubley.

About D. Carlton Bright

Videographer D. Carlton Bright is an experimental visual artist who is currently exploring the new art-form of Stereoptical Imagery and Video. His work has been presented at the Holography center Queens, the Splice Performance space in Manhattan, and has had a one-person show at VENTANA Gallery in Williamsburg, where he lives in NYC.
More info: 

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