Electronica Artist Dylan Tauber Features Ukrainian Vocalist on New Album Themed on Love, Resilience

Prolific Electronica Visionary Dylan Tauber has announced his 14th album release containing some of his most uplifting, rhythmic and inspired work to date. Between dedicating the title track and album name to his girlfriend to collaborating with a singer from Ukraine during the height of the current invasion, this new album’s timely statement is all about love and resilience.

Dylan Tauber returns with the release of his 14th album “He Loves Carmen”, an electronica, synthetic, and trance album that is tonally rich and musically engaging throughout. From the first project, “Don’t Tell Me”, to the final one, “I Love My Father,” Dylan reveals his love for the style and passion for this electronica craft. “He Loves Carmen” is brightly colored electronica with shimmering synthesized percussion waves above and striking female voice drops with matching drooling bass and transcendental instrumentation bursting through with rhythm and style.

Released on April 4, 2022, “He Loves Carmen” contains 14 new tracks from the innovating musician and producer. “He Loves Carmen” is inspired by Dylan’s girlfriend Carmen. It is transcendental electronica at it’s finest. One track ,“Light Warrior”, notably features Ukrainian vocalist Anastasia Derkach in Ukraine, despite the war raging around her as she sang. Several tracks from this album have already been played on Saipan Radio 100.3 KWAW, and several positive reviews have already been published.

Ukrainian vocalist Anastasia Derkach (Image: Handout)

Stream “He Loves Carmen” on Spotify.

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