From Toms River, New Jersey, Elevator Art capture both the deep emotion and lush instrumentation of acts like the Arcade Fire, yet with the unbridled freedom and edge of psychedelic rock n’ roll. Propelled by intelligent lyrics, beautiful lead vocals, dirty Hendrix-esque guitars, and a band who sound and FEEL like the ultimate festival act, there’s simply no denying that Elevator Art’s “Tent City EP” is undeniably great.

Music, in many ways, has shifted to the “hip” end of the spectrum, ignoring the real emotions beneath the image. I believe this band has both aspects. They can appeal to fans of both classic rock n’ roll as well as fans of modern acts like Radiohead, the Arcade Fire, and Edward Sharpe. There are a lot of elements at work here, and besides the epic scope of the tracks, I definitely appreciate the at times raspy vocals, the pounding rhythms and the sharp sense of groove. Most musicians put themselves in a box and keep their music neat and tidy. Elevator Art have REAL dynamics that cover a much wider range of human emotion; they scream and wail when need be, and it’s rare to hear a band who are this much in unison with each other. The backup vocals are every bit as passionate as the main vocals.

I’d do a track-by-track breakdown here, but those tend to get monotonous, and to be honest, all of the 6 tracks are standouts. They are all journeys unto themselves. “Tent City EP” is one of the best rock releases I’ve heard all year, and in my view this band should be playing all the major festivals in 2013. It has all the elements of your favourite hip artist, just with better lyrics and better music. This is a smart band who are in on the cosmic joke (listen to the lyrics in the absolutely brilliant “Wind-up Toys” for proof).

I lOVE this band, and you can quote me on that.

– James Moore

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