Eleven Dollars “Lighter Shade of Grey”

James Moore September 21, 2012 Comments Off on Eleven Dollars “Lighter Shade of Grey”
Eleven Dollars

Eleven Dollars

Eleven Dollars brings me back to the era of acoustic driven radio rock like Matchbox 20, Eagle Eye Cherry or Third Eye Blind.  It also reminds me of modern day contemporary rockers like John Mayer.  The music is cheerful and full of heart, with some great tempos and catchy acoustic rhythms.

“I’m Not Depressed”  is a pretty self-explanatory song title.  Vocalist Chris Mills sings about ‘sunny days’ and the music is a nice depiction of such positive feelings.  This song is full of light hearted energy and general good vibes, with some nice lead guitar work that doesn’t cloud over the mix so much as it does complement it.  Eleven Dollars is tight quartet, with a great ear for major keyed melodies.  All in all, this song simply made me feel good.

“Lighter Shade of Grey” is on the lighter side of broody.  It has a nice opening guitar lead in that is drenched in reverb with a sweeping effect of pitchy blues bends.  The lyrics in this song are expressive and passionate, and Chris Mills demonstrates his wide vocal range with some beautiful falsetto and structure.  This song really does emulate the skill set and strength of the group.

I will say, however, that this genre may be a little dated at this point in time.  With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a band like Eleven Dollars can’t generate an audience.  There are fans of every genre out there, and I’m sure they’ll connect with many music lovers.  This is good, honest light rock with a wonderful attitude.  I wish Eleven Dollars all the best.

Review by Scott Taylor

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Eleven Dollars

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