Hardcore music has a history of both aggression and painful personal histories expressed, but what most people overlook when looking at the genre, if they do so at all, is the relentless positivity evident in much of the lyrics, and the consistent message amongst many hardcore acts that is amongst the most relevant to youth – the will to carry on and not give in to life’s pressures and failings.

We The People! prove that hardcore is certainly a worldwide movement, making it to their homeland of Indonesia. Their new very boldly titled EP “It’s the True Reality” takes political aim and fires without hesitation. “Children Exploitation” is a raging anthem that sounds inspired by classic acts such as Refused. Short and to the point, bass-line driven with the guitars following suit, the gang vocals add to the urgency. The band is careful to deliver quickly and cut the fat, with some tracks clocking in at under 1 minute. Highlights include the impressive Propaghandi-influenced “Pembalak Liar” and the absolutely frantic tantrum “Konsumerisme”. We The People! are definitely united in both music and message, carrying on the tradition of hardcore for a new generation.

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