Experimental noise drone project Emerald Suspension's new EP Eruptions.
Experimental noise drone project Emerald Suspension’s new EP Eruptions.

Minneapolis-based experimental project Emerald Suspension revel in the realm of the strange on new EP release “Eruptions”, but is it oddly satisfying or will it merely satisfy the odd? It just may hit both marks. Blending electronica, punk aesthetic, noise, drone, industrial and plenty of surprises from the kitchen sink, E S are at home squarely in left field. This can truly be classified as experimental music.

“Eruptions” begins with echoes of pre-Nirvana and the cut-and-paste rawness of the “Fecal Matter” demos on terrifying lead cut “Level Ground”. Chipmunk vocal effect. Check. Brash guitar noise. Check. Strange transitions and surprise guest vocalists? Check.

Enter track two, “Eruptions” (title track). Description from the artist below:

A noise-based, some might say darkwave, track inspired by the Eddie Van Halen guitar solo of the same name. There is no mistaking the two.

This is where you really hear both the drone and noise elements of Emerald Suspension in full force. I could listen to an album of this type of material and thoroughly enjoy the monolithic swell. The power of noise and restraint is wielded beautifully.

Emerald Suspension have more gear than you.
Emerald Suspension have more gear than you.

“Jaded” brings a punchy post-punk groove featuring a spoken word poem; intriguing, short, thought provoking.

“General Random” takes a short, atmospheric build up into frenetic full band freak out. This is the perfect song to come up randomly on your playlist, or even better, at a party where no one is ready for this type of music. The band hit their Mr. Bungle/Dillinger Escape Plan stride here.

“Mitten Fidget” sounds something like The Wizard of Oz when those evil monkeys start taking off into the sky and storms are brewing everywhere. It’s panic screeching with glee. Some of this composition contains the type of ‘non-sounds’ Emerald Suspension mention in their biography.

“Your Eurorack” finishes the EP just roughly 15 minutes from it’s beginning with a sweetly sarcastic closing message. Overall, this is an intriguing and beguiling EP from Emerald Suspension. Perhaps not the easiest listen for novices or newcomers, but it successfully challenges the listener and creates interest in the band’s wider discography.

“Eruptions” is available on Limited Edition CD and Vinyl editions, each providing bonus tracks. Check out the Emerald Suspension store for details.

Watch the “Eruptions” Youtube promo clip below.

Listen to ES’s prior releases below.

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