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Recognized as a haven for all subgenres of emerging and underground music, we’ve selected the best Bandcamp new releases for the adventurous music listener. Whether you’re into progressive or doom metal, experimental electronica or jazz fusion, Bandcamp provides an inclusive platform for musicians who prioritize community over the largely bot-dominated platforms like Spotify where excessive time is spent looking to ‘influence the algorithm’. Profits, too, are much better for the musician on Bandcamp, and sales are more customizable.

Here are the best Bandcamp new releases:

Chris Ianuzzi’s “Lonesome Highway Superstar”, featured on his expansive new “Maze” album, is one of the singles of the year from one of the best albums of the year. A little menace mixed with deep space-bound synths and left-field post-punk vocals makes for a devilishly good time.

Prolific New Jersey-based Americana Singer Songwriter Eric Harrison recently released a melodic, hopeful 5-track EP release entitled “Dear John”. The project is humbly dedicated to musical legend John Prine, and although this is not a covers release, Eric conceptualized and wrote all the songs by tapping into his love of Prine‘s unique songwriting style.

Vancouver Sitar Player and Composer Mohamed Assanis latest album, Wayfinder, features a tribute to mothers called Lullaby for Guli. According to Assani, “Often a child’s first experience of music is in the form of a lullaby sung to them by their mothers. This was definitely the case for me – my mother sang me lullabies and told me wonderful stories – stories that shaped me and how I viewed the world.” In deep appreciation of this act of love, Assani wrote a lullaby particularly for his mother and as a tribute to all mothers, whose stories and songs inspire us.

Seattle-based Experimental Electronic Musician and Producer Restless Mosaic defies convention and expectation with a smile on his far-reaching new album “Made By Thawing Ice”, out on May 13, 2022. Jon Ireson of aptly described his previous album as ‘a boon for your neuroplasticity’, and the new album finds Restless Mosaic totally comfortable expanding at lightning speed in all directions.

After the success of Restless Mosaic‘s debut There’s Much Left to Explore – the moody, atmospheric title track has been heard over 180,000 times – new album Made By Thawing Ice doubles down on the mystery and constant genre-morphing loved from the first album, while expanding the project’s scope to include vocal collaborations even more leftfield than the instrumentals. Both vocalists are popular content creators in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) YouTube community – the initials of the album are MBTI not only for that, but for Brandon Terrell Isleib, the brain behind Restless Mosaic.

This daring new collection without a doubt belongs in our best Bandcamp new releases.

Hamburg-based Singer Songwriter Amo Jr. recently released an incredibly touching new single entitled “Emotions”, out now on streaming platforms. Amo Jr.‘s unique songwriting style incorporates folk, blues and pop music influences and a vulnerable, ‘open book’ vocal and lyrical approach. The end results is often atypically subtle and affecting. Amo’s musical charisma undoubtedly lies in his nonchalant honesty and fearless expression.

Prolific Singer Songwriter Ajay Mathur returns with his 5th full-length album entitled “Talking Loud”, out now via Yakketeeyak Music. Throughout the new release, Ajay showcases an eclectic approach to song craftsmanship and a gift for lyrically revealing Universal truths in a playful, inspired way. This collection of songs is socially conscious, thought-provoking, spiritually connecting and genuinely joyful. Ajay Mathur‘s pure spirit of experimentation comes from his life-long reverence for The Beatles, who he interviewed at a young age while they were in Rishikesh. The song “Anytime At All”, featured on the album, is dedicated to John Lennon.

Chicago-based Indie Rock/Post-Punk artist Killed by The Architects comes out snarling on venomous, unhinged new album “Tabula Rasa”, out now on Bandcamp and major platforms. Killed by The Architects create a Hadron Collider effect by masterfully crashing Lo-Fi atmospherics and heavy, expansive guitars with immersive melodies and emotionally charged vocals.

The sound of Sydney, Australia-based Dream Pop/Art Rock duo Fabels is disarmingly alluring, emotionally fragile and otherworldly. Texture is of paramount importance on their immersive new album “Minds”, a release that showcases powerful dual vocals, poetic lyricism and an atmospheric musical gumbo of complimentary subgenres. This is a group who choose not to avoid the darkness, but rather to move through it with grace. The result is wholly artful and mesmerizing.

Los Angeles-based Hip Hop/R&B artist Nemesis has released “INNOV8!”, a thought-provoking new single with a refreshingly classic sound. Nemesis’s spiritually charged lyrical wit and accelerating boom bap beats are influenced by musical legends like Rakim, Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, Wu Tang Clan, KRS One, Missy Elliott and MC Lyte. On the anthemic chorus, Nemesis showcases a frenetic, eccentric vocal style as she proclaims “Thoughts + Beats = INNOV8! and Grow!”. Confident, wise and lyrically gifted, Nemesis is an authentic hip hop force to be reckoned with.

Californian Singer Songwriter Stevie Cornell has announced the release of new Self-Titled album, out March 25, 2022 via his label imprint Sonoma-Sonic RecordsStevie Cornell‘s music captures an unrestrained sense of wonder and hope, maintaining an indomitable musical warmth throughout. Cornell’s poignant lyricism couples heartbreak and loss with reflection and acceptance. 

Inspired by Floor, WavvesLightning Bolt and Leftover CrackPureocracy takes you on a hard-to-place journey that straddles modern rock & lo fi hypnagogic pop.

Pureocracy was born in the darkest days of the pandemic, but is filled with ecstatic anthems for our era. Recorded in a small Brooklyn studio, these five songs feature big choruses, to-the-point tunes about living through existential oppression. Enjoy the freedom and release that comes from yell singing out of the holler. – Mike Birnbaum (Sickpay)

Brooklyn-based Electronic Music Composer and Producer Frank Cogliano delivers an experimental tour-de-force on adventurous new album “Computers of the World”, out now on major platforms. Fans of artists like Boards of Canada, Tycho, Kaytranada, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin should thoroughly enjoy Frank Cogliano‘s bold signature sound. Edgy, cinematic and wholly immersive, “Computers of the World” captures and distills heady New York City vibes.

Psychedelic Pop Band Swansgate bring fresh waves of luminous melodies and penetrating rhythms on heady new album “Becoming Someone”, out April 29 on streaming platforms. Musically, the band utilize psychedelic guitars, bass and piano with tinges of jazz and experimental influence layered with rich synths, drum and MIDI programming to create their distinctively tropical signature sound. Although “Becoming Someone” is perfect listening for the beach, it’s deep lyrical themes and real-life inspiration make it ideal for reflection and deep introspection.

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