Every indie band has a niche market when it comes to music marketing. This topic isn’t discussed too extensively in other books. Unless you are one of those delusional bands who think they are a “space rock/jazz/funk/death metal/fusion/pop/contemporary hybrid”, you most likely have a few genres you could be listed under. The reason we mention sub-genres is because they are absolutely valid. Many rock bands, for example, may have tracks that could be played in rock, indie rock, alternative rock, metal, industrial, progressive and hardcore formats. This may be a stretch for bands that have the same sound all the way through their respective albums, but you get the idea. The more genres you embrace, the wider your potential audience.

It’s also important to research your potential media audience, because it’s a big world out there and it’s not all about Billboard Magazine.

There are specialty independent publications for everything from noise rock to eclectic progressive fantasy metal. They are putting their time into it for the love of the music, so get in touch with them. If you personalize it, you have a good shot. This is the way to build up your press section. It’s all real people.

Another bonus: Guess who reads these strange music blogs and independent publications who cater to niche audiences? Well, you guessed it. Niche audiences. People who are fanatical about their music and trust the sources they get their information from. Get IN with these people. Befriend them and treat them well.

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