Everyone flakes. That’s what the whole music industry is about. Expect failure. This is what happens. It’s a bad day in Bacon land, but guess what – that’s par for the course. Everyone is going to mess up. That’s how it is. You can’t expect anyone to do anything correctly, and so you need to spend your life making follow up calls and making sure everything is lined up properly. You can do literally everything right and still have it not work out. So – when everything falls through, you know that you did your best. Frankly speaking – that’s the reason that so many people drop out of this industry. As hard as you try, no matter what you do it will fall apart at least a handful of times before you start to understand the crucial lessons that this screwed up industry will beat into your head time and time again.

The point being – in the end, that’s kind of okay. You learn to be the most cautious, up front individual that you can possibly be. Why? Because there is no other way. In a an industry that doesn’t have a lot of second chances you’ve got to take advantage of what you can and suffer while you have to. I meet even go so far as to say that this entire thing is about suffering. The moral you learn, at the end of the day is that you always need to double check. Yet – there is a lot to learn from this, and from picking this apart understanding can be be gained. That isn’t meant to be some Proverbs-like phraseology, but merely that punks like us, baby were born to run.

So we circle back. Everyone flakes. We can’t expect people to do more. They’re just people. People are inherently flawed. You know what the best thing you can do though is? Forgive. As such as people want to just jump on each others asses and tear each other apart, we have to remember that we are all working as hard as we can and need to watch out for each other. Frankly – we are fighting over scraps at this point, and anyone telling you otherwise is a liar. Getting prissy over it only makes you look bad. That’s why a kind word goes a lot farther in the music industry and why you need to work as hard as possible to keep everyone in check. If we don’t watch out for each other and aren’t ready to forgive each other then we are going to be stuck in the same place in perpetuity.

As I’m sure you can tell – this blog often reflect my day to day life. Bacon is going through a hard time and needs a little love. That’s fine though, if I have a week without a major crisis then I feel a little bit weird. You need to be feeling weird because if you’re on top of everything, or rather, you think you’re on top of everything then you obviously are not. There are no days off in the music industry, and even if you try to slow down for a day or two, you need to be ready to take non stop emails and worry about shit falling apart at random intervals. Why? Because everything falls apart, even when it’s glued together. Managing expectations and making sure that people expect things to fall apart is a key part to moving forward in the topsy turvy world of music.

But what can you do? This is where that always important philosophy of ‘screw it’ comes in. At the end of the day – no matter how had your day was in the long run t doesn’t really matter. That isn’t an attack at your work or any one elses work but it’s only rock and roll and the minute that we forget that it’s only rock and roll then our lives are over. We got into this thing to avoid responsibility, while we certainly have to deal with getting stuff done rock and roll is about freedom and we have to embrace that – we need to keep everything in perspective. If you lose that ever important perspective, that the music industry is a pretty small part of our world, then you are going to simply go insane. That’s the beauty of it.

In short – this is a brutal industry and you are going to have good times and bad times, it’s like life, a roller coaster and it’s going to suck, most of the time. So yeah, this is a hard time for me. But guess what I’m facing a future that I know I can overcome and fight through. The world of music is a world of extremes and one that so few of us will ever be truly comfortable in. You never have enough time for you and you want to puke from stress most of the time. But guess what – if you are going to puke from stress that means that you are turned onto something better and can help to create something better. You are moving forward – a legend in your own lifetime, so remember that and fight your way to absolution.