entHow do you effectively promote music? Work smarter, not harder. Do things that other artists are not doing, and do what they’re doing more thoroughly. When you’re completing tasks and spending focused, deep practice time (for ‘deep practice’ see “The Talent Code” by Daniel Coyle, a book I wholeheartedly recommend) on tactics that are counter-intuitive or under-represented, it often rules out 90 percent of the competition. That’s when you know you’re really getting somewhere.

Recently I was pretty thrilled to be asked by the folks at Entertainment Drive Thru to do an interview going over all the topics that unsigned/independent musicians tend to want to know about how to promote music, gain valuable exposure, and generally how to sift through the unnecessary details and use the core tactics to show respect to your art and reach people.

The interview was a lot of fun, and the hosts, Dan and Anna are both musicians themselves, so it was a lively and enlightening conversation. Check it out below through a variety of methods, and don’t forget to subscribe and rate them on iTunes – they have a TON of valuable interviews from industry professionals from all sides of the business. Catch them on Facebook here. I hope you enjoy and find this useful!

Music Marketing