Experimental Pop Mystic Andrea Ward Releases Stunning, Avant-Garde “Awake At Night”

NYC Multi-Instrumentalist Experimental Pop Musician, Dance, Choreographer, Filmmaker and Untethered Mystic Andrea Ward occupies a realm all her own. This one-of-a-kind artist merges music and movement as one on ethereal, wholly atypical new single “Awake at Night”, out November 18 on streaming platforms. Following previous singles “Game” and “Algorithm”, this is the third taste of her label-defying album “Ribbon of Water”, due January 20th. Undisturbed and unaffected by current trends, Andrea Ward‘s uniquely inspired musical alchemy melds a harmonious collection of subgenres, drawing inspiration from Icelandic Pop, Norwegian Rock, Experimental Pop, Alternative Pop, Permanent Wave and Avant-Garde sounds.

About the new single, Andrea shares ““Awake at Night” is the idea that you’re awake at night because you know something’s wrong in life. You know that there are forces in the world trying to keep you asleep, and you refuse to be any less alive than your greatest potential. It’s as if the song is a roaring voice from your deep subconscious, telling you to get up and move.”

By combining musicality with her immense knowledge of movement and a direct, intimate relationship with the subconscious mind, Andrea Ward speaks her truth from a wellspring of great depth and limitless creative energy.

Stream “Stream at Night” on Spotify.

Watch the performance music video for “Awake at Night”.

Watch the official music video for “Algorithm”.

Watch the official music video for “Game”.

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