Exploring the Vibrant Underground with Indie Music Worldwide, the Best New Music Spotify Playlist

Indie Music Worldwide Spotify playlist

If you haven’t heard our curated, best-of-the-underground Spotify playlist Indie Music Worldwide, now is the perfect time to get acquainted. Lockdowns and financial setbacks have not kept artists the world over from releasing excellent music. Artists as varied as St. Vincent, Gojira, Genghis Tron, Tomahawk, Migos and Gucci Mane have all released landmark projects recently. And with the return of live music and in-person connection, the future is looking bright for music fans.

Here, we’re concerned with music discovery primarily. Our Spotify playlist is multi-genre, featuring the boldest and most experimental new music, ranging from IDM and ambient electronic music to jazz, metal, alternative, pop and hip hop. For those looking to discover the best new music bubbling up from the underground, look no further.

Indie Music Worldwide – Current tracks:

Tenuous Threads – Abduction
Chris Ianuzzi – Live in Today – Single Version
Restless Mosaic – Desert Scorpion
J’Moris – Special
Barista – Sweet
3d the Boss – Go
Patrick Ames – Help People Up
Aman Jagwani – Palm Tree
D.E.L – Bloom
Gregory Abbott – Summer in the City
Shawna Virago – Highroad, No. 6
HEELE – Still Intact
K4LT – Boarding Pass
Nancy Wenstrom – Dr. Rhythm
Louise Aubrie – Last
Wooliebugger – Transmission 70
Rock Of Aisa – Lal Dhaga
Sup? – I Quit
Chris Ianuzzi – Setagaya
Mike Gale – Awake Awake
Sluka – Figure It Out
Blueanimal – This Side of Me
Les Techno – In the Sunshine
Idiot Grins – Satan’s Jeweled Crown
Delyn Grey – Daddy’s Love
Restless Mosaic – Swelter
Zack Oakley – Acid Rain
Chris Ianuzzi – Infinite Prize
Nick De La Hoyde – Stay by Me
3d the Boss – Sneaky Peeky
Jobbaloon – Baby Blue
Will Jackson – Good Enough
J’Moris – Ball
Snailmate – I’m Too Sexy
Patrick Ames – Songwriter’s Block
Wise John – Always Be the King
Jamie Carol – Lemonade
Gary Craig – Putting on the Show
Tenuous Threads – Hope Springs
The Chris Ruben Band – Unsure
K4LT – Ahead // back
She’s Excited! – Whole
Black Reuss – Anger
Vajra – Crown or Crucify
Jobbaloon – Aligned
Post Death Soundtrack – Pathless Land (Lit Beacon)
Disaster Relief – How I Feel
King Sunny BoBo – No Justice
New Yank Yorkies – Bring Back the Love
George Gritzbach – All About Now
Kasēogems – Don’t Go
Wax Moon – Mountain Road Girl
Beatnik Neon – Blissfall
Dead Coyote – Lazy Ghost
Blue and Broke – Bear It All
Wise John – The Fall of Rome
Mike Gale – Another Trick Of The Light
Kaleigh – Lost Souls
Aman Jagwani – Rain On My Shelter
Gone From My Sight – The Float
Captn K – Body n Soul
Lord Sonny the Unifier – Knockout
Thorin Loeks – In This Place
GEA – Truth Between the Lies
Ad Vanderveen – Release
Keen Garrity – Casting You Out
Eric Anders – Searise
Nonviolenze – Electron
Delusive Relics – Woman in Black
Jeff Novotny Jazzprjkt – Supercritical
Mark Vickness – Hot Apple Stuff
Idiot Grins – Satan Is Real
Farees – Y’all Don’t Know What’s Goin On
Blue and Broke – Most of the Time
Disaster Relief – Not so Scared of You
Dead Coyote – Leave Me in the Ground
Elford – The End Is Nigh

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