Electronic music has really exploded over the past 10 years. In fact, it’s been exploding for about 30 years, but it keeps getting bigger and bigger. This is because it provides more than enough tools for constant innovation and growth. Melbourne-based electronic/dance/dubstep producer Rustique brings us an exciting combination of electronic genres while also staying prepared for the Apocalypse, donning a full gas mask and space-suit looking white hoodie.

He was featured recently on the very popular Triple J Unearthed website, where he’s been enjoying positive reviews and some of his tracks can be downloaded for free. It was refreshing to receive an electronic music submission and I hope to receive more of this caliber. Rustique’s sounds maintain the strangeness of dubstep but provide a healthy dose of ethereal flow heard in the best techno and dance creations. Press play and let the neurons get fired up.

Fans of Infected Mushroom (who has some VERY inspired takes on The Doors music, by the way), Pendulum, Bassnectar, Bloody Beetroots, Amon Tobin, and Juno Reactor will find something to love in Rustique’s music.

Check out: Rustique’s Soundcloud to dig in.



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