Fans of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross Will Love X.U.L and His Dark, Ambient “Void” Album

X.U.L Photo credit Matic Ma?ek

So who is X.U.L? X.U.L is Gašper Selko, a multi-instrumentalist musician, producer and artist. His approach to sound is decidedly individualistic and open to experimentation. Music is intended to be an experience to all who enter X.U.L’s terrain. What amazes me the most about his 8-track “Void” album is it’s sense of building to the epic moments with serene beauty and subtlety. There’s fascinating compositions on this release, and they’re definitely in the vein of the excellent soundtrack work Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have done together (think “The Watchmen”). This music would fit perfectly as the soundtrack for a dramatic horror or thought-provoking documentary.

Track #2, “In the Depths of Mind”, is a perfect example of X.U.L’s power of composition. It’s a stunningly beautiful track that takes you on a floating journey with no beat to propel you, just waves of droning light.

Album opener and title track “Void” is one of the more industrial-soaked tracks. Fans of everything from Download/Skinny Puppy to Amon Tobin should find something to appreciate here.

Overall, there’s not a track to be missed in this collection, but it flows so well as a cohesive experience that it becomes rather pointless to create division. This is mature composition, music that should be very much of interest to Brian Eno, Boards of Canada and Max Richter enthusiasts.

A look at the physical CD copy of X.U.L’s “Void” album

Listen in full below.

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