Fans of X and Social Distortion Will Love Punk Rock Group BOMB CATS

Indianapolis-based Punk Rock quartet BOMB CATS deliver equal parts heaviness, catchiness and fun on hook-filled new EP “Third Street Melody”, out June 3 on streaming platforms. The BOMB CATS signature sound comes from their dedication to a lineage of legendary punk and rock bands, namely The RamonesSocial DistortionThin Lizzy and X. Their sound is proof that some musical traditions should be upheld and honored by sharing it with new generations. Punk is one such tradition. On “Third Street Melody”, audiences can expect a dense, 5-track collection showcasing the band’s raw, original, no-frills take on punk rock.

“This EP is the culmination of everything we have worked on to this point. It is both heavier and catchier than our previous work. It is more polished but also more raw than anything we have done before. We could not be more proud of this effort and we believe there is something here for everyone.”

“Third Street Melody is dedicated to the kinds of venues that allow punk rock bands like us the opportunity to perform: small, independent venues that care about original music from artists who do it for the love of the music.” – Russ Webster (Bass/Vocals)

“We’re super proud that everything you hear on this record is us, playing live in a room together. That’s our sound and our songwriting.” – Chris Farrell (Guitar/Vocals)

Stream “Third Street Melody” on Spotify.

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