‘Fat Bloody Fingers are Sucking Your Soul Away’ – 1st Base Runner Masterfully Covers “Rabbit In Your Headlights”

1st Base Runner covers "Rabbit In Your Headlights"

Indie Electronic musician 1st Base Runner has been keeping busy lately, having recently released two singles/music videos from upcoming album ‘Seven Years of Silence’. He’s also a music lover himself, made evident by his superb cover song choices. After covering “A Hymn” by IDLES last month, 1st Base Runner is releasing his own version of the classic “Rabbit In Your Headlights”, originally released in 1997 by UNKLE, featuring the memorable vocals of Thom Yorke.

1st Base Runner stayed true to the original, while taking a few liberties of his own to fit the ambience as he performed from his home studio in Austin, Texas. An audio version is now available on Bandcamp.


Rabbit In Your Headlights

Watch the video performance on Youtube.

Read about 1st Base Runner’s recent original single “Pirouette” here.

Short Biography:
Vignettes of a misty dreamland with emergent, pulsing mantras and addictive breathy vocals. 1st Base Runner is the immersive new project from Texas electronic indie artist Tim Husmann. The Austin-based synth symphonist will be releasing his debut record Seven Years of Silence after the itch compelled him to return to the industry after a seven year hiatus. Each track is meticulously crafted blending trip hop, gothic pop, and avant-garde post-rock to create an airy, atmospheric world of its own. The surrealist soundscapes are filled with infectious vocal melodies and lyrics on the varied frictions of our existence.

Seven Years of Silence releases April 8th.

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