So it’s summer (in most places), which means it’s festival season and you’re most likely heading down to one or two – maybe more, if you’re lucky. You might even be playing some, which is awesome! But who are all these new bands cropping up on all the line ups? Why is so-and-so on literally every single bill you’ve looked at? Sometimes, admittedly, bands don’t really deserve so much credit. But nine times out of ten, there’s a reason there’s such a hype.

If you’re on this site, you’re quite possibly a musician yourself. One of the best music marketing tips you could possibly get is to get to know your scene. Nobody says you have to know every single artist, but there’s no harm in expanding your knowledge. If everyone did the same, fan bases would soon grow and there’d be a whole lot more interaction with music and more profit in it generally. And yes, this would include your own. So, practice what you preach, and check these guys and girls out – in no particular order – for starters…


If you like straight up, female fronted brutality interspersed with melodic, dancey chaos then Marmozets are a band for you. The young (like, ridiculously young) band from Yorkshire, England are a force to be reckoned with. Fronted by Becca MacIntyre, along with some of her brothers (literally) and another set of siblings, this math-slash-alt-rock-bordering-on-metal five piece deny all conventions and are positively unhinged in all the right ways. They’ve already supported loads of International artists, been signed to Roadrunner Records, been asked to play festivals over the other side of the world, and lined up support slots with the comparably tame Taking Back Sunday… all before any of them hit 25. It might make the rest of us reassess our lives a bit, but for them? Who knows what’s next?!


Find Them: At several UK Festivals this year, as well as the prestigious Vans Warped Tour across the USA/Canada. Or head to the Marmozets Facebook


While being another (of a few) UK artists representing on this list, Mozez is the only one who’s more of a soul singer. He’s been around a while, first of all with Zero 7, but deserves a mention for two reasons: one being his fantastic voice, the other being his US tour with Nightmares on Wax bringing a new chapter to his career. If you’re into more downtempo, relaxing vibes with your summer sun, Mozez is the guy for you!


Find Him: Head to Mozez’ Website, or catch him on various dates in America until the end of July, including alongside Nightmares on Wax at the awesome The Hudson Project. He’ll also be hitting up Spanish party island Ibiza, and the UK, too. Busy, busy man!


If you haven’t heard Californian Echosmith yet, you’re missing out! With their indie-pop sugar-laced sound, they’re another bunch with a teeny tiny average age, which does nothing except prove that the kids really are alright – make that the ‘cool kids’, the title of one of their catchy tracks. Interestingly, just like Marmozets, these guys are siblings. Keeping it in the family also seems to work, huh.


Find Them: At The Warped Tour, of course, or through their website, here.

Baby Godzilla

Possibly the smallest band on our list, Baby Godzilla are a breath of fresh air in what can sometimes feel like an oversaturated scene. With possibly the coolest band name ever, these four British guys sure live up to its implications as they tear things up with furious, chaotic aggression. Describing themselves as ‘general extreme noise’, you pretty much know what to expect, but the extremities don’t stop there.  Their live show isn’t anything to miss – they manage to stand out whether you’re seeing them for the first or 21st time, and their passion is evident… as is their slight insanity as they literally climb and scale every surface possible! They just played a show with Enter Shikari in southern England, and dare we say it? They managed to outshine those modern rock legends. Watch out everyone, don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Find Them: All around their native UK this summer as they rise to recognition, or at their Facebook Page.

Ghost Town

These Warped Tour darlings are the fifth and final band we’re recommending, and they’re doing pretty good, so it’s time you jumped on board. From the label who brought you Paramore, the Fueled By Ramen Hollywood Party Rockers are doing a pretty good job of making their own name for themselves!

Ghost Town

Find Them: Predictably, also on Warped Tour, but also most likely everywhere else in due course. In the meantime, here’s their impressively ‘liked’ Facebook.


Of course, there are literally hundreds more, and depending on where you’re from, these lot may not be news to you. But they’re a good starting point, as there’s a fair bit of variation. Just remember – good karma may well be on your way if you give them a chance. Maybe people will give your music a chance, too.