Frank Cogliano Delivers Experimental Electronic Tour-de-Force on “Computers of the World”

Brooklyn-based Experimental Electronic Music Composer and Producer Frank Cogliano delivers a tour-de-force on adventurous new album “Computers of the World”, out now on major platforms. Fans of artists like Boards of Canada, Tycho, Kaytranada, Brian Eno and Aphex Twin should thoroughly enjoy Frank Cogliano‘s bold signature sound. Edgy, cinematic and wholly immersive, “Computers of the World” captures and distills heady New York City vibes.

Frank Cogliano

“I wrote this album in the weeks leading up to the lockdown in New York City in January – February 2020. The last moments before the world had changed. And I was thinking about my early years recording on  4 track Tascam and a Yamaha keyboard and a Squier Strat, and thinking about that time, when consumer computers and dial up internet were shaping and about to change the world. So I am digesting all of this nostalgia and finding sounds from old VHS recordings and experimenting with video art on an old Sony TV with an analog video synth and I came up with this album. A mashup of all my different interests, with the only overall rule that it has to sound good to me, whether it jumps from genre to genre or not. Playing with the conversation between technology, analog circuitry and organic instruments, in a way that is pleasant for me to listen to. A soundtrack to a film goes through many moments and styles so I imagine the album  in a similar way, creating a general vibe without being boring. I find single genre albums to be painfully boring.
One last thing about the timing, many people are wondering why I didn’t finish the songs, or why I have so many. They are all finished ideas, though many of them are short, because I am also structuring it in a way that reflects the current state of our collective attention span, which is extremely fast and extremely short. I tried to compress as much emotion and musicality in as short a period of time that I could.” – 
Frank Cogliano

This album is available on limited edition vinyl at Bandcamp.

Stream “Computers of the World” at Spotify.

Frank has prepared a series of video visualizers to accompany the tracks. Watch the full series at Frank Cogliano‘s Youtube channel.

Watch the video for “Cave”.

Watch the video for “Downtown”.

Watch the video for “Evelyn Horne”.

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