Good Co is a band this is sure to put a smile on your voice and make you feel simply dandy.  Good Co’s album “Electro Swing for the Masses” is a unique blend of new meets old, with some charismatic beats and care free attitude that comes in the form of swing era music and electronic percussive samples.  The straight-forward lyrics are sung with smoky, laid back vocals.  The arrangements of the horn sections are groovy and will surely garner some dance floor traffic.

“Tumbling Down” is a classy and cool track in which the vocalists lament over heart break and lost love, almost to the point of the blues.  As previously stated, the music is quite juxtaposed to the subject matter.  “Tumbling Down.”  is an upbeat, finger snapping song with great vocal melodies and brilliant structure.  This is simple song writing at it’s finest.

“Zebra Donkey”  is a heavy collage of horns, piano, guitars with a steady pulsing drum track beneath.  Later in the track, we’re graced with a great lounge act drum line.  This music is straight out of the forties, but given a modern day feel with the aid of samples.  In spots, it made me think of guys like Fatboy Slim, albeit with a smaller production budget and greater musical integrity.

Good Co is downright satisfying.  They really play on the classic swing era of music and the guys add their own special ingredients to give it a super fresh feel.  Crooning and dance fans alike will be equally rapt to what Good Co has to offer.  I would personally love to see a live performance from these guys in the future, because I’m quite sure the live sound will easily trump the album sound.  The production is great for what it is, but I think big swing music should be experienced in a live setting.

“Electro Swing for the Masses” is a fun, pleasant album that warrants numerous replays.  I’m curious to see what they have up their sleeve for their next batch of songs.

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