Sounding inspired by Bruce Springsteen and inspired by Foo Fighters musically, Grace at Arms is catchy rock and roll with a heart at it’s core. Sounding fresh even with the band’s old school leanings is no easy task, but it’s a dynamic that works simply because you can tell they’re passionate. Love it or hate it – you have to respect that.

“Brighter Days” sounds like a hats off to Springsteen, and it’s an inspired, romantic track lyrically reminiscing about the past. The single “A Song About You” is a pop rock anthem suitable for fans of Weezer, Blink 182 or Jimmy Eat World. Well-crafted and performed, this is ready for alternative rock radio without delay. The message is strong and the lyrics are a suitable tribute to a loved one.

“Coming to Find You” is another energized pop-punk track that shows the band’s ability to fuse pop and rock elements with strong hooks. “No Way Home” slows things down for a memorable rock ballad with a country flavour. The chorus thunders and the emotion sounds real. Overall, this is a solid band that seems destined for pop success.

Check out Grace at Arms with “No Way Home” below:

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