Happy Freuds loom large with their passionate take on rock and roll music.

Javea, Spain-based quartet Happy Freuds do a wonderful job of balancing both sides of their musical personality. On one hand, they do more than dabble in the loud electric soundscapes, playing fuzzed out riffs that wouldn’t sound out of place on a late 70’s metal record. On the other hand, they maintain a fascination with folk/acoustic music’s pure potential for philosophical observation and emotional nakedness. Both sides are explored with a sense of fun, narrated with a question mark. After all, these are young scholars of rock and roll.

After releasing their “Echo of Sounds” full-length early 2019, the band recently released several Duncan Morrison remixes via their online store.

Listen to the album along with some of the Duncan Morrison remixes below via the band’s Spotify playlist.

Watch “Freud’s Anthem (Song X)” via Youtube.

Watch “Chauncey” below.

Catch a live performance of their 70’s Rock-infused anthem “The Mountain”.


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