Hard Rock Band Modern Monsters Revel in Grit on “Malice”

Hard Rock band Modern Monsters
Bay Area Hard Rock Band Modern Monsters deliver serious emotional intensity and sonic grit on their brazen new EP “Malice”, due March 24 on streaming platforms. The quintet dig deep into their roots with equal parts anthemic melodies and lyrical mischief, drawing on hard rock influences like Faith No MoreAlice in Chains and AFI to create their punchy signature sound. This new collection also features a raucous, militant, punked-up cover of Jefferson Airplane‘s psychedelic opus “White Rabbit” that Modern Monsters proceed to make their own. It’s the perfect song choice for a band with this much Earth to scorch. Simultaneously animated and dead serious, Modern Monsters are putting their stamp on modern and hard rock with “Malice”.

Hard Rock band Modern Monsters

Modern Monsters are still pissed off. “Malice” represents continued frustration over current issues. This hard rock EP is an expression of disdain towards societal issues, unchecked power, two-part justice systems, distractions from introspection and perilous love. The sophomore release leads the listener to develop their own personal connection to Maleficent viewpoints. They don’t aim to impress, they aim to disrupt….and have a damn good time doing it.

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Artist Biography:
Modern Monsters is a Bay Area, California heavy rock band established in 2019. They elude a mix of greasy heavy, down-and-dirty rock with raw energy. Straying away from being buried in day-to-day mainstream music, the monsters thrive in the rock culture and maintain the power of being face melters. With drive and tenacity, this renowned and talented group enjoys the challenge of being a modern day rock band. Drummer Keenan Tuohy’s thunderous performance, paired with massive temper from Brody Bass and fierce riffs by guitarists Wyatt Lennon and Rich Wells collectively and sonically match with the tortured lyrics of vocalist Josh Weaver.”

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