Hillsboro Rapper J’Moris is Triumphant on Vibe-Heavy Sophomore Album

Hillsboro Rapper J'Moris

Hillsboro rapper and storyteller J’Moris returns triumphantly with his biggest artistic statement since 2020’s “Blac February” album.

J’Moris’s latest release is his sophomore full-length album and ‘the most vibe-heavy release of 2022’, the 14-track “Moris Better: Loveless Confessions”. The new album finds J’Moris showcasing versatility on the mic as he introduces soulful, distinctive vocal melodies over R&B tracks, chilled, seductive downtempo gems, strip club anthems and booming Biggie-esque bravado over dangerous hip hop and trap beats.

On “Moris Better: Loveless Confessions”J’Moris is at once a ladies man, a street-wise storyteller, the life of the party, and someone not to be toyed with. Stylistically, the album is intended to flow as a single vibe, and it achieves this purpose, although the styles range from a strong R&B influence to modern rap, trap and classic hip hop. The new album was produced by Supamario Beats with 606Gus (“Work”) and session9 (“NaNa”) contributing a track each.

Hillsboro Rapper J'Moris

The 14 tracks on this album were chosen out of 30 + tracks the prolific rapper recently completed. The Hillsboro rapper’s guests include D. Hewitt on the heady, addictive “Fall Thru” and 254 Assassin, and The Composer Four000 Units on the effortlessly smooth “Wanna Ball”.

Other essential listening tracks include album opener “Magic”, “Too Spicy”, “Skeletons”, “Activated” and “Loveless Confessions”. New clothing and merchandise is available at J’Moris’s official website jmoris.com.

Listen to “Moris Better” Loveless Confessions”.

– Moris Better: The Hangover (EP) (2016)
– Moris Better: Country Mi$fit (EP) (2017)
– K.A.M. (Single) (2018)
– Extra (EP) (2018)
– RNB (EP) (2019)
– K.O.T.H. (EP) (2019)
– ‘Til It’s Gone (Single) (2019)
– SnapChat (EP) (2019)
– Blac February (Album) (2020)
– Off The Porch (Single (2020)
– Blac Amerikkka (Single) (2020)
– Blac Love, BALL (2021)
– Not For Everybody, Special (2021)
– Activated (Single) (2021)
– Moris Better: Loveless Confessions (Album) (2022)

J’Moris has a range of custom merchandise available at his official website store. Mens and womens styles are available here: https://www.jmoris.com.

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