J'Moris - Blac February (Hip Hop/Rap). Buy the digital album on Amazon.
J’Moris – Blac February (Hip Hop, Rap). Buy the digital album on Amazon.

Fort Worth, TX, rapper J’Moris is ready to release his debut full-length album Blac February on Feb 7, 2020, after a string of 5 EP’s and 2 single releases starting with Moris Better: The Hangover in 2016.

Intending to be more raw and revealing than ever, Blac February is a sprawling 15-track album that is both completely autobiographical and yet universal. Whether he’s rapping about street life on Blue Cheese, being antisocial on Venting, going through frustrating relationships on Anymore, being black in America on Alien, pre-game partying on B.I.D., or making sense of it all on Peace and Letter to God, J’s story is authentic and real. Those listening to his words about overcoming suicidal thoughts and paralyzing doubt on tracks like the soul-infused Make It Look Easy will reflect on their own struggle.

The result is a proper rap album that flows like a classic. With equal parts finesse and blunt force, balancing southern rap/hip hop, r&b, soul, and trap stylings, Blac February is a must listen album for hardcore hip hop enthusiasts. Featured on the album are rappers D. Hewitt, 254 Assassin and Bellafante as well as singer Valance and comedian Ben Jackson.

Blac February drops Feb 7 on all platforms. Read Insomniac Magazine’s glowing review.

Listen on Spotify below.

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