Housecore Horror Film Festival was quite the success last year. This Phil Anselmo curated event immediately garnered special attention from the metal world. This was to be the festivals second edition, and it was poised to be bigger than ever. Four days of metal thrashing fun, Housecore proved to be quite the success. However I hope we never forget the man behind this incredible and almost mythical event, Corey Mitchell, sadly deceased mere hours after the festival wrapped up. The only redemption being that he drew his last breaths in the throes of a truly great triumph.

I had a busy day ahead of me, and as I got on that early morning plane I got a sense of dread so great that I couldn’t bring myself to write. I hadn’t checked Facebook yet, and it would be a while before I could. Instead I had the combined joy of air travel and then public transport to deal with. These are not things I take lightly, and by the time I got to school I had missed all of my classes for the day. Yet I had a meeting in a few hours with my adviser. Right before I left to go see her I checked Facebook for a final time, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. The man who I had hugged the night before and who had introduced Danzig was dead.


Corey Mitchell was a great man, and though I didn’t have a lot of time to get to know him, the time I did spend with him was special. He was always extremely kind and patient, even when I was being stupid. He understood the industry better than almost anyone I know, and he proved to me that even at high levels we can still have cool dudes running around. The last time I saw him he was standing on stage with Phil Anselmo and Chuck Loesch, giving a final celebratory announcement about the festival and reveling in the joy of a job well done. He had achieved something truly great and beautiful, cementing his place, not just as a crucial figure in metal, but a veritable legend, the father of the greatest festival in the Southwest.

A heart attack is a brutal way to go, especially after an event that wonderful. He left behind a family and a legion of friends across the globe and on Monday literally thousands were in shock. Here is a man who was kind and loving, with everyone he dealt with. No one would fuck with him because he knew exactly what he was doing and could overcome any obstacle. I pray for his family and desperately am waiting for finding out how I can help them. This is a man who deserves Valhalla, the sort of metal warrior who people are going to be talking about for years to come. So genuflect and remember the glory of this man.

Even as I write this four days on I’m tearing up and I barely knew the guy. I don’t have much more to say other than that I desperately hope the show goes on. Let Housecore stand as a memorial to Mitchell and allow generations of metallers to come to learn of his legend. This weekend was too great to make it a one time thing, I’m confident that it’s going to continue to grow and get bigger and better with age. Anselmo and Mitchell had something special going and I’m excited to see how it grows. Their is hope no matter what, and soon Housecore will rise again!