How To Make Your Music Go Viral

Every wondered how to make your music go viral? J Bettridge has some thoughts to share on the matter in this guest post.

If cultural resonance is what you seek, you need to start putting your music out there. Taylor Swift didn’t become a global sensation by simply honing her talents in her room. She visited dozens of record studios with her demo CD in hand and performed at live events whenever possible.

The current music landscape is different from the early 2000s, but the principle remains the same: for your music to be discoverable, you must publish and promote it relentlessly. Here are four tips on how you can do just that.

How to make your music go viral

Ensure your song is of the highest quality

Audio quality gets more attention. If you want your music to go viral, it’s best to start by using the right equipment in your studio. Whether recording at home or in a more professional setting, you’ll want to use some of the best studio microphones, instruments, and DAWs.

An industry staple you can use is the Shure SM7B, the versatile microphone beloved by singers, voice actors, and YouTube creators alike. The stellar mid-range emphasis and bass roll-up control can turn even distorted instruments and screamed vocals into raw, clear audio sure to wow listeners. To add versatility to your sound, you can use a multi-purpose instrument, like the Yamaha PSR-E373 keyboard. The PSR-E373 has 622 voices and 205 accompaniment styles you can experiment with. To tie it all together, a DAW like Ableton Live—with its streamed creative flow and sophisticated comping system—will let you mix and finalize songs with a professional sheen. Use the best tools to turn your song into something worthy of going viral.


Upload your music to multiple platforms

To avoid the hassle of monitoring different sites, it might be tempting to post your songs solely on the platform you believe your ideal listeners reside. However, that could mean underselling your music. Your pieces may have a broader appeal than you think, and increasing the platforms where a listener can find your music boosts the likelihood for your tunes to be more widely shared. To streamline the process of monitoring multiple platforms, you can use SoundCharts to give you a 360 view of your song stats and playlist inclusions on each site. Give every chance for listeners to engage with and spread your work.


Build a brand on social media

As we note in our article on Social Media Aesthetic, getting your music out there doesn’t stop at publishing your songs. You need to be creating content to achieve viral and long-term success—and the first step to do that is making your artist persona or aesthetic. This entails tying together your visuals, personal story, and ideas of the current cultural zeitgeist you want to promote.

On a practical level, this means displaying that persona and communicating your ideas on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok. Ensure that you leverage all the features every social media app has to offer. For example, you can use Instagram Live to talk to fans or build hype over your latest song release. On TikTok, you can offer the most potent or relatable soundbite of your song for users to play with. Remember that while your start is most likely to be slow, consistency is key. Many artists’ explosive discoveries happened months or even years after their initial posting, and creators can only fully utilize that opportunity if they already have content listeners can interact with.


Collaborate with other musicians

One of the best ways to amplify your music is to collaborate with other artists. Through another musician’s endorsement, you’ll be able to expand your reach and engagement—and through endorsing them, you express to other music lovers your support for the industry and your discerning ear when it comes to new sounds. To collaborate, you can write a song together, review each other’s albums, or hold live listening parties of each other’s work. Pick the method you and your fellow artist find most intriguing and share your enthusiasm with your fanbases.

Your music has the potential to resonate with the world. Follow the above tips to take the first steps in getting your songs out there.


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