We’ve been having a lot of fun with our Bandcamp roundups for a few reasons. In my experience, Bandcamp has been the number one way to discover high quality new music, especially in genres with “the cool factor” such as psychedelic rock, stoner rock, progressive rock/metal, rock n’ roll, and related genres. There can be an over-abundance of “industry artists” and Idol pop on some other music discover sites, so from my personal viewpoint, Bandcamp is the ultimate for the honest goods.

Their widgets are also the best way to share music that I’ve come across. Easy and ideal style-wise. So we’re going to continue sharing music that has blown us away as we check out our favorite genres on Bandcamp. Expect greatness.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsFirst up today is The Walking Who, whose excellent album “Candy Flu” is selling for the easily distributable price of “FREE” on their Bandcamp page. I suggest you get yourself a copy and take a close listen to their rock n’ roll psychedelia that comes with a side of swagger. The dreamy title track is a must listen.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsThere are good things happening for rock in Greece if Tuber are any indication, with their razor-precision instrumental jam rock that is executed with vigour and edge. Their EP is available for free digitally at their Bandcamp page.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsThe Tambo Rays bring a unique dreaminess and sense of musical freedom to the psychedelic pop genre. It’s a pleasure to listen to a band with this much of a sense of dynamics in their song-writing. Their new 2012 album “Kaleidoscope” features some addictive material.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsThe Mast are a Brooklyn-based electronic duo paying homage to a variety of genres. What’s unique about them is their tasteful and fascinating production choices that seem to take cues from both Sgt. Pepper and Mezzanine; good choices. Also, the vocals are pure and absolutely gorgeous. After all, you’ll need a trustworthy narrator to lead you into the beyond, won’t you? “Seas Across Your Mind” is spellbinding, so be careful.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsSpit Shake Sisters are high octane rock n’ roll, and that’s just fine with this listener. Attitude and aggression are injected into their danceable party rock, making their sound reminiscent of acts like Iggy & the Stooges. Pay attention to the gang vocals on “Happy Jivers” for enough energy to last you the evening.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsNight Manager caught me offguard in the best possible way. Artists, this is how to write vocal lines. The fact that more artists don’t bother to write brilliant vocal parts just makes Night Manager all the more fascinating and unique. The music isn’t without it’s innovation either, seamlessly jumping from key to key with beautiful arrangements. HIGHLY recommend.

Low Litas play dark, electronic-infused psychedelic garage rock – Portishead meets the Breeders, and the vocals are beautiful. Their Bandcamp features their stellar 2008 release, but word has it they are working on a new album, so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsSoftSpot are an experimental rock/pop act from Brooklyn, and their music is epic. With charismatic lead vocals and a surprisingly huge sound, it seems this band can create just about any textures they want to musically. It takes off, headed towards to the sky and doesn’t come down. Definitely music with depth.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsConsecration are a band for those who want their music to psychologically trudge onward, onward, letting nothing stand in it’s path for more than a moment. Slow, determined, and riveting.

I.M.P's Bandcamp Bands Roundup, More Psychedelic ClassicsRoyal Thunder sounds like Kylesa and Baroness but with a Jefferson Airplane feel, making the whole thing sound magical. It’s a celebration of rock n’ roll with no authority. What else sets them apart? The melodic vocals are filled with spirit, and this is where their contemporaries struggle. Listen to “CVI” at their Bandcamp.

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