The Incredible Kicks are a hyper-powered prog pop explosion of techy riffage, addictive hooks and surprising vocal gymnastics guaranteed to impress fans of Queen, Coheed and Cambria, Protest the Hero and Rush, while still satisfying fans of hair metal and pop punk with their bright, goofy collective persona and playful aspects. It’s a rare feat for a new band to show both technical achievement and humility/a sense of fun, but that’s what this impressive Brisbane-based rock trio is doing.

Their new EP “Fairytales” shows them to be one of the most versatile and strange acts I’ve heard in a long time. The lead vocals are especially daring, with their theatrical Freddy Mercury style and charismatic over-confidence. The breakdowns in the music are fantastic, and you get the sense that the guys must be heavily trained….or more heavily trained. There’s no way you could create music of this calibre without knowing your craft.

I’d highly recommend anyone missing Queen to give The Incredible Kicks a chance….seriously.

Buy the album at iTunes here.

Watch their very creative music video for “Prince Charming” below.

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