Independent Music Worldwide - A Spotify Music Discovery Playlist
Independent Music Worldwide – A Spotify Music Discovery Playlist

The best independent, self-made music from across the globe. Here are the latest new cuts from the underground.

Krigarè – Take On Me
ALYA – Half of the Sun
Voyce Memos – Division
Sluka – Ready to Connect
General Maynyrd Band – You’re the Type
J’Moris – Do My Thang
He Is Me – Let It Drip
Post Death Soundtrack – Dark Matter
Annamay – One Step Behind – Radio edit
Calvert – This Beautiful Life
Eddy Yang – A New City
Erich Mrak – Fake It
Galapaghost – Test Stick Uhaul Her Can, Sir?
Les Techno – Guilty Pleasure
Matt Warren, Pepper Gomez – How Do I Love Thee
Lord Sonny the Unifier – Till We Change Things
Badari – Things I See in My Dreams
Leon Seti – Silver Lining
Voyce Memos – Indifferent
Todd Warner Moore – Golden Life
Patrick Ames – I Want You
GEA – In Memoriam
Eric Anders, Mark O’Bitz – Join the Fight
Dr. Bentz – Risin’ Up
The Other Life – Moody
Lillimure – Something
Versal – Carrousel
J’Moris – Pretend
Leon Seti – All I Have
Chris Lastovicka, Eric Bates, Robert Garcia, Kenneth Woods, Kimberly Tobola – The End of Tyranny – Remixed
Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio, Seven – Truly Love Someone
Versal – Eternal
Damon Mitchell – Elise
GEA – Snow
D.G. Adams – Queen of the Sky
Crooked Flower – Freedom
Kevin Thomas Band – The Big Picture
GEA – Blueberry Sky
American High – Second Sister
David Browning – Call Me When You’re Single
Ivan Beecroft – Believe
General Maynyrd Band – Sinner
Geminix – Uptown Funk
Heather Gruber – Dancing on the Edge
King Ropes – I Am a Cinematographer
Eddy Yang – Split the Night
Lord Sonny the Unifier – March Forth
Chris Lastovicka, Eric Bates, Damon Gray, Kimberly Tobola, Diana Cataldi, Laura Backley, Cynthia Katsarelis – The 7th Chapter of Job – Remixed
Norine Braun – Climbing Table Mountain
GEA – Time
Patrick Ames – Queen Kae
Anne Steele – Obsessed
General Maynyrd Band – Catch a Pirogue
GEA – Untrue
Synthonic – Divergence
Seekay – Hurts
Benny Bassett – Window to Forever
USA Nails – Creative Industries
Voyce Memos – Argentine
Saint Mars, Alonestar, Tryzdin – Loveghost (feat. Alonestar & Tryzdin)
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