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Indie bands – How do you build a website?

Well, the good news is you don’t really need to know how – or at least any html method. First you’ll want to buy your domain at a website such as www.godaddy.com. There are many reasons why to stick with a .com or a .net address. Some people may be unsure about whether to visit your website or not if it has a strange or unknown address. It’s simply easier for people to find you and it’s the most trustworthy and recognizable way to do it.

So if your ideal address www.evillizards.com is taken, try out www.evillizards.net, www.evillizardsband.com or www.evillizardsmusic.com. Make sure it is easy to remember and makes sense for your band.

Next you can get a cheap hosting account at sites such as www.hostgator.com and then build your site from there. If you are familiar with html, you’ll be off and away with no trouble. If you’re unfamiliar with doing it yourself, you’ll require some help along the way.

One option is to hire a professional web designer. If you’ve got original ideas for your website and want to stand out from the crowd this could be the way to go. Just don’t get too ambitious. Remember, your website will be like your press package. You don’t need all the bells and whistles. Just the necessities.

Don’t spend too much on web design.

The days of spending $1,000 or more on custom websites are long gone. There are MUCH better ways that you can spend $1,000 on your music career than getting a website done. For every web designer who offers to charge you $1,000 for a quality website there will be ten who offer you $250. Shop around and don’t hesitate to hire an ambitious student who needs the extra cash and can do a great job. Also, make sure that the web designer knows how to create a mailing list template (or insert a pre-existing one for you), and design a website according to the marketing criteria that you’ll require as an independent musician trying to advance yourself.

If you want to build the site yourself and be in control of everything – I don’t blame you. And the good news is that you can certainly do it. There are two popular ways to do this. Both are reputable and roughly the same price. Both offer custom website designs that bands and artists can individualize with their own art and photos. They both also offer high storage space for music and media. Mailing lists, e-store capability, blogs, and forums are other features both sites offer. You will definitely need these features in order to effectively promote your band online.

If you decide to go this route, check out the links below and decide for yourself. We have had good experiences with both companies, but Bandzoogle would get our recommendation for a superior administration and more extensive features offered:

1) www.bandzoogle.com

2) www.hostbaby.com

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