Inspired indie folk singer songwriter Resurrection Fern, known for her emotionally charged, often vulnerable songs, has announced her 3rd recently released single from her community-funded upcoming EP due late November. Prior singles were “Savanna” and “Coffee”. New single “Siren” is set to be released Nov 1st on all platforms.

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About “Siren”:
“In Greek mythology, the “Siren” would lure sailors out to sea to shipwreck with their Song. In this song, Fern’s “Siren” calls her into the Storm to find herself again. As Fern states in her lyrics, “Maybe a storm is what it takes, to make me free.”

This is the third and final single release from Fern’s upcoming EP. “Siren” lures the listener in with it’s waves of calm and vulnerability. The smooth harmonies of the chorus make a beautiful contrast along-side the simplicity of sound in the verses. Be lured into a beautiful storm with “Siren”.

Enjoy the prior two singles below.

Resurrection Fern is quite unique in the indie musician community, as she’s built a strong following on her own terms by pioneering DIY self-promotion on the Twitch TV platform. See Fern live on her Twitch channel and experience what it’s like to be a part of this welcoming and positive community.

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