Indie Music Worldwide: The Best New Music on Spotify [July]


We try to keep on top of what’s happening in the underground and beyond through our constantly updating Indie Music Worldwide Spotify playlist. As of July 5th, 2020, below are the artists and tracks featured on our most popular playlist where we featured the best new music on Spotify.

Indie Music Worldwide

Indie Music Worldwide features the best new music on Spotify.

Patrick Ames – Reawakened 2020
Les TechnoFlowers for Dystopia (Objects)
Erich Mrak – Girls
J’Moris – Alien
Mohamed Assani – Black Sugar
SONI – Dance with Me
Shawna Virago – Heaven Sent Delinquent (Electric Single Mix)
Geoff Gibbons – Keep on Driving
Chris Ianuzzi – Hello 2
Heather Gruber – Hiding from the Rain
Farr Well – Questar
Little Warrior – Lovesick
RSC – Bad Story
Nyxem – Abraxas
#Bloomerangs – Leaps and Bounces
Theresa Lucia – Boxes
Grapefruit Sound Lab – Dum Dum Gun
Sonic Fuel – I Will Rise
Chris Ianuzzi – Park In The Dark
Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – Get Ready
Todd Warner Moore – Masks (Fever Dreams)
Post Death Soundtrack – Final Days

Public EnemyState Of The Union (STFU)
Mr. Bungle – USA
Mohamed Assani – Serendipity
Farr Well – Street Forecast
Benjamin Elia$ – The End

Elaquent – Guidelines
Jehnny Beth – I Am
Les Techno – What Ya Done
Hum – Cloud City
Lil Baby – The Bigger Picture
Proud Creature – Major Trouble
Andrew Reed – Dropping out of the Race
Guy Grogan – Stay on Fire
Ivan Beecroft – Insomnia
Jeads – Crossover
Chris Ianuzzi – Transits
Sundogs – I Want It Now
Annamay – Out of Reach
Sara Ontaneda – Separated by the Sea
A Killer’s Confession – Last Chance
Erotic Secrets of Pompeii – They Wouldn’t Let Me Write My Book
D.G. Adams – Dangerous
EllaHarp – Better
Gucci Mane – Still Remember (feat. Pooh Shiesty)

Phoebe Bridgers – I Know The End
Aradia – Out of the Blue
lab spitta – Quarantine Vibes
IDLES – Grounds
Head Fake – I’m Found
Bif Naked – Jim
Sluka – V.I.P.
My Autumn Amor – Your Life Is a Song
Atmanam – Essence
Ptolemea – Maze
Joan Torres’s All Is Fused – Finale
Hope – Red Man

PJ Harvey – Sheela-Na-Gig – Demo
J’Moris – Peace
Human Impact – Protester
EllaHarp – Bittersweet
Leon Flames – The One
Ava Cherry – Testify Love
Fervence – Beneath the Sleeping Earth
Mountain Soundsystems – Running Late
Sean Miller – Everywhere I Roam
RuudAwakening – Bobby & Whitney
Delyn Grey – Battle
Hope – Generosity
Mountain Soundsystems – Breakaway
Mother Yeti – Someones Happy
Rob Alexander – Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic)
Walter Wayne – Crows
Riccardo Chiarion – Sentimentale
Kimberly Hou – Reflections
Stephanie Catlett – Nothing but Fine
Mountain Soundsystems – Squaring the Circle
Jane in Space – Gorerunner
Jakk Jo – Disrespectful
Ivan Beecroft – Gloom
J’Moris – B.I.D. (Oowee)
Luiz E Os Louises – Your World, My World
Seneko – Jenny’s with Irene
RSC – Shadow Lady
Nyxem – Above the Abyss
The Kiss That Took A Trip – Copernicus
Lord Sonny the Unifier – El Ray
Storie Grubb – Harness the Moon
Thurston Moore – Hashish
Threadbare – 70 Degrees and Counting Down
Galapaghost – Good Evening Wild Whimsical Dreamworld
Tanya Gallagher – Barren Land
Magical Beasts – 7 Nights

Run The Jewels – JU$T (feat. Pharrell Williams & Zack de la Rocha)
Joan Torres’s All Is Fused – Rebellion
Les Techno – Flowers for Dystopia – Remix
Patrick Ames – Want to Believe
Zilla With Her Eyes Shut – Whisper Whisper
Jeads – Left Alone
Shabazz Palaces – Chocolate Souffle
Chris Ianuzzi – Summer Star
Floating Points – Anasickmodular
Proud Creature – Pines
Amon Tobin – On a Hilltop Sat the Moon
My Autumn Amor – Dream Machine
Theresa Lucia – Shake the Tree
Kimberly Hou – Dancing in Time
Tropical Fuck Storm – Suburbiopia
Todd Warner Moore – Paul’s Way
Deerhoof – Future Teenage Cave Artists
Metz – Lost in the Blank City – Shmu Remix
Iceage – Lockdown Blues
Ty Segall – She’s a Beam
Post Death Soundtrack – Chosen Sons
Melt Yourself Down – Born In The Manor
SONI – Happy to Serve
Luiz E Os Louises – Girl
Failure – Enjoy the Silence 2020
Boris – NEON
The Heliocentrics – 99% Revolution

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