Indie Music Worldwide – The Best Songs of 2021 on Spotify

Welcome to the best songs of 2021 on Spotify according to the curators at Independent Music Promotions. As festivals and artists announce cancellations and multiple crises plague the music industry, it’s ever more important to recognize all the amazing new music still being released during these dismal times. Recently we’ve seen high quality new albums from Deafheaven, St. Vincent, Gojira, Nas, Amenra, The Bug, James Blake, Between the Buried and Me and The Melvins (Sorry Drake and Ye).

Those looking to expand their horizons and discover new artists can check out Indie Music Worldwide, our hand-picked Spotify playlist documenting 2021’s Best Independent Music of All Genres for fans of artists as diverse as Aphex Twin, Run the Jewels, Gojira, St. Vincent, Deafheaven, Madlib, Migos. Discover new artists from Rock, Alternative, Metal, Hip Hop, Jazz, Prog, Electronic, Pop, Indie, Ambient, Punk, Experimental and World music.

Indie Music Worldwide - The Best Songs of 2021 on SpotifyCurrent Featured Artists on Indie Music Worldwide – The Best Songs of 2021 on Spotify:

Drowning Effect – Bright Lights
Nikki Wozzo – Bad Whiskey
1st Base Runner – Break Even
Chris Ianuzzi – Hunger
St. Vincent – Down
Celebrity Warship Culture – Rebirther
J’Moris – Special
3d the Boss – Mmm Mmm Mmm
Har’monique – Take Over
Patrick Ames – Reawakened 2020
Sluka – Happy in Your World
Jordana Talsky – Superpower
Brainsqueezed – Taking Lives
Jeff Novotny Jazzprjkt – Cygnus X-1
Rebel ACA – Never Give Up – Lil’ Rossco Remix
Disaster Relief – Kalamatianós for Alexander
Blake Red – This Reincarnation
Paul Feder – Desert Run
Crossroad Saints – Cradle to the Grave
Ajay Mathur – I Need You Now
Shawna Virago – Highroad, No. 6
Louise Aubrie – Ours
Scotty Karate – Always Honey
No Past No Future – The Plug
George Gritzbach – Sweet Misery
The Reggaestra – Rock and Groove
Nancy Wenstrom – Dr. Rhythm
Killed by The Architects – I’m a Ghost
Dylan Tauber – Planet X
Crossroad Saints – Ain’t Going Down Again
Les Techno – In the Sunshine
Post Death Soundtrack – Pathless Land (Lit Beacon)
My Autumn Amor – Quiet Girl
Tenuous Threads – Abduction
High Chair – Stargazer
Rock Of Aisa – Lal Dhaga
Wooliebugger – Transmission 70
The Furious Seasons – Is This Happening
Crystal Cities – Blood-soaked
Hippy – Falling In Love With Being Alive
Zack Oakley – Acid Rain
Greg Nice – ooh la la (feat. Greg Nice & DJ Premier)
HEELE – Still Intact
Nas – Rare
Jobbaloon – Baby Blue
Gary Craig – War Torn
Sonic Fuel – Wild & Free
Ty Segall – Harmonizer
Will Jackson – Drinking My Way Home
Temperature Falls – I Need You To Hold Me
The Connecting Dots – Racing With The Moon
Brady Grey – Magic Bullets
Pacemaker – Wired Soldier
Elephant Magnet – Agnetha
Mama John’s – Anywhere
Paula Standing – The More I Give
Barista – Sweet
Rage Against the Marmottes – Tu te souviens
Black Reuss – Anger
Ondist – Better Days
Delyn Grey – Daddy’s Love
Gregory Abbott – Summer in the City
Ryan Luc – Sad Celebrations
Hippy – Shadow Of A Lonely Light – HQ Glasgow Remix
Restless Mosaic – Gyre
Wise John – The Fall of Rome
D.E.L – Bloom
Blueanimal – This Side of Me
She’s Excited! – Whole
Jamie Carol – Lemonade
Idiot Grins – Satan’s Jeweled Crown
K4LT – Ahead // back
THRESS – Turned On My Light
Bowe – Tired of Giving Good Things up <+>
Martin Strang – Today
Blue and Broke – Bear It All
Aman Jagwani – Elastic Slumber
Killed by The Architects – Armageddon
CITIZEN:KANE – Expedition 9
Kaleigh – Weather The Storm
Layna Lae – Bank
Andrew Paul – Get Up
Delusive Relics – Mortician
Keen Garrity – Gold Digger
Mike Gale – Another Trick Of The Light
The Chris Ruben Band – Unsure
Vajra – Crown or Crucify
New Yank Yorkies – Bring Back the Love
Thorin Loeks – Let It Rain
Gone From My Sight – The Float
Kasēogems – Don’t Go
Dead Coyote – Lazy Ghost
Captn K – Body n Soul
Lord Sonny the Unifier – Knockout
Serious Sam Barrett – Last of the Yorkshire Outlaws
Nonviolenze – Electron
Eric Anders – Searise
Mark Vickness – Hot Apple Stuff
Bizarre Therapy – Watching Paint Dry
cordload – Ima
The Vet’s Fetching – Wit’s End
Slow Draw – The Project
Najad – Ruuhn
Devin Sarno – Darkened Valley Lullaby
In Kether – Tempting Life
jacuzzi jefferson – low voice
Philomena – Wildfires
Maura – Ariel
Yhung4kash – Pipe Down
Dream Phases – Helen Highway
Demonstrations – Evening Run
The Bugles – Waves
Secret Treehouse – Overrated
sleepyhead – Centrefold
BEX – Skyrocket
Apollo – Love & Loyalty
Blind Static – Take the Lead
R.J.S – Madness!!!!
Achromatica – Too Far
Fernando Antunnes – Just Another Pawn
Tophe – 9 T5

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