I recently contributed an article called “The True Artist’s Major Marketing Dilemma” to Target Audience Magazine, thanks to the openness  and assistance of head editor Ellen Eldridge. The article addressed something I see in a lot of independent musicians today, including myself when I was younger, and if you haven’t read it, you should.

Why is it that you often see the worst musicians, the generic pop artists, the half-assed indie hipster bands, the genre-toting tough guys, get far further than the often brilliant, emotionally charged songwriters in the industry? Indie artists who tend to refer to themselves as “true artists”, whether this statement is true or false, tend to sabotage their own efforts in order to use this point as a fall back. And it works, because after minimal hard work, the fall back statement is all you’re left with. I believe I’ve touched on at least a few of the reasons in the article, and I hope it serves as a different perspective on music marketing that will clear up a few things for some of my musician readers.

Check out the article over at Target Audience.

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