Indie Pop Band Vectralux Explore the Subconscious on “The Subtle Extravaganza”

Atlanta Indie Pop Band Vectralux

Atlanta Indie Pop Band Vectralux read between the lines, reveling in the subtleties of human life on “The Subtle Extravaganza”, out April 28th on streaming platforms. This release thematically addresses the ever-changing flux of thought and emotion as a common, shared experience. Musically, “The Subtle Extravaganza” dances slyly through the shadows and back alleys of the subconscious, resilient and poised with layer upon layer of melodic hooks. Fans of indie rock and indie pop innovators like Guided by Voices, PavementDinosaur Jr.The Pixies and Blur should enjoy this new collection.

Vectralux follows up on 2021’s impressive debut “Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter” with a new EP, “The Subtle Extravaganza”. This new short set represents as much a maturation of the writing style as a departure from the first record. Still displaying the same decades-spanning influences, but incorporating darker themes and new sounds, this EP still shines with effervescent optimism served with a wry grin.

Atlanta Indie Pop Band Vectralux
About the new record, producer/bassist/singer Andy Tegethoff said “We all have contrasts and contradictions that pile up in our lives. Plusses and minuses, details and generalities. There’s a sine wave of highs and lows but when you look back, eventually we perceive those ups and downs more as a line than a wave. A blur of good days and bad days — many days both at once. We may remember peaks and troughs, but on the whole it’s a plainsong pageant. Just your typical tornado. A stationary journey. It’s a Subtle Extravaganza.”

Order the new EP at Bandcamp.

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