J Jives is a rapper born and raised in Jamaica, currently looking to take over the hip hop scene in Etobicoke, Ontario. I have to say, this guy’s promo shot is one of the coolest I’ve seen. Why don’t more artists take shots of themselves leaning against imposingly big speakers while wearing sunglasses? Ice cold, my friends!

His new track “You Could Have It” featuring Mellow Kiss is a radio rap love letter that also reveals some strong rap skills and a more than decent flow. Inspired by the likes of 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Bounty Killa and Beany Man, J Jives is taking aim at the top of the pops, continuing the tradition of hard working independent hip hop solo artists fighting the good fight. “I’ll be the Russell Brand to your Katy Perry”, J Jives raps in the track, although we hope that’s not the case considering their recent surprise breakup. We all get the point though! This is most definitely a summer jam suitable for fans of mainstream hip hop and r & b. To support J Jives and check out “You Could Have It” as well as more of his material, visit his Reverbnation page here.

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