Indie Rock Artist Seneko Delivers Lush Electric Guitar on “The Girls from Cedarhurst”

Alt Country/Indie Rock Artist Seneko has announced the release of his 5th EP entitled “The Girls from Cedarhurst”, out February 17, 2023 via Torrez Music Group. This new release finds Seneko continuing his electric evolution with a guitar-focused indie rock sound, channeling some of his own favorite artists, Lou Reed, Coldplay, Wilco and The Jayhawks, the latter whom he’s seen live over 20 times. Expect seasoned songwriting, bright guitar melodies and strong production from this inspired 5-track collection. Stan “Seneko” Olshefski’s music been described as “Think country meets Radiohead” by Wail Music Magazine and featured in the Huffington Post, who wrote “Seneko brings to mind the whimsey of the Gin Blossoms”.

5 releases in and Seneko is still growing sonically, with more lush, multi-layered arrangements and relatable lyrics than ever. Most importantly, he’s having a good time doing it, sharing that this has been his most fun release yet. “The Girls from Cedarhurst” was produced by Mike Purcell, Paul Scholten and Seneko.

Seneko shares his inspiration for the new release: “I had been listening to a lot early Grunge, Indie Rock and Punk. As I began writing I realized I wanted to be more experimental with the melodies and arrangements and that process kept evolving right into the studio during the recording. I had a hand in producing along with Mike Purcell and Paul Scholten. I also worked with the same players as the last record lead by the guitar genius, Jon Conley. 

The title track was co-written with an old friend, Rod Thorn. It’s the only co-write I’ve ever released. Rod is a brilliant biographer, speechwriter and playwright. One day over coffee I started sharing ideas with him about the song and he just jumped in. I’m a word guy. I always start with an idea, a title or random words. The melody kind of shows up. There’s a long backstory to the mysterious place called Cedarhurst. It will remain a semi-secret so that listeners can make it be whatever they want.

The next two tracks, “Motus est Magicae” and “Sugartime” really blossomed in the studio. The writing and melody didn’t change but the sonic effects along with the bgvs took some fun unexpected turns. The last two tracks are more straightforward “Seneko.”

Of the five EPs I’ve done, this one was the most fun to do and I hope that comes through.”

Stream “The Girls of Cedarhust” on Spotify.

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