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Europe And Indie Music

by MATT BACON > So I write this whilst on a plane flight from New York to the Netherlands for a music festival, drinking what is my first of what is apparently infinite free beers. So I’ve come to the logical thing to discuss in such a situation. That is to say – how the...

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Biggest Threat In Music

by MATT BACON > So here is the biggest threat against the music industry right now. It is a simple one – and one that we all run in to time and time again, and get endlessly frustrated with. It’s all those goddamn out of touch motherfuckers. It’s the people who think “Oh well you’re...

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Life At The C Level

by MATT BACON > So this is a topic I’ve written about at length before but I think needs to be circled back to again, and I’m going to try and discuss it in a more generalized way because this seems to be the issue the bands are running into these days. So this is...

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Big Bands Tactics Don’t Apply!

by MATT BACON > So something you see regularly that I find frequently kind of wonderfully shocking is how after a certain point your band doesn’t need to give a shit about the ‘rules’ as long as you are popular enough. Now this is multifaceted and weird, because on the one hand you want to...

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Politics And Your Indie Band

by MATT BACON > One of the most important things that your band needs to realize when working with a label, a manager or anyone of importance is that these people are going to be utilitarians. Your band is ultimately just a chess piece to many industry people. It’s a whole game that’s frankly kind...

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What Makes A Good Independent Music Festival?

So with the announcement of the Hellfest lineup this year there is, as with every major festival announcement, some controversy as to the quality of the lineup. Hellfest is of course one of the biggest events in the annual metal calendar and I want to use it as an inspiration to discuss what makes a...

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Patreon, Allegaeon and Crowdfunding

Soooo Patreon. It’s come up in ugly headlines again and people seem to be hating on it. The issue this time seems to be that Allegaeon think that they deserve some sort of universal basic income for being musicians. This is dumb and shows the same sort of entitled opinions that have ruined so many...

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Adam Yauch’s Music & Lyrics Remembered: 9 Beautiful Rhymes

The world is reeling from the recent death of Adam Yauch, who died Friday at the age of 47 after a 3-year battle with throat cancer. Not many bands can say they’ve accomplished as much as the Beastie Boys musically or energetically. Musically, they began as a hardcore band paying tribute to the likes of...

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