I recently had the pleasure of communicating with music industry innovator and Founder of MariNation Music (visit them at www.marinationmusic.com), Justin Longo. MariNation is an innovative concept intended to assist artists with finances so they can thrive. Thanks to Justin for answering my questions and being on the site!

Tell us who you are and what you do.
I am the Founder of MariNation music investment company which helps music creators grow their money while they pursue their music dreams. MariNation gives music creators the ability to grow their money, share music, and receive investments from fans in an easy to use mobile app.

I was a music producer myself, and understand the lack of money coming in at the early stages from a music career. Even as a career grows there are financial ups and downs. Which is the reason behind founding MarinationMusic to help music creators leverage the money and resources they already have into progressing their career and financial well being.

What is MariNationMusic? What pain point does it solve for artists?

MarinationMusic is a guide for music creators to receive money through successful investing, grow their understanding, and achieve success in their careers. We are a community of leaders innovating the music industry by helping creators reap financial rewards from proven investing methods. Our mission is to empower people to pursue their purpose in life without the cloud of financial pressure that hangs over so many.

Artists being discouraged with the lack of money on their work is the problem that we solve. Along with giving them the resources to become financially free, independent, and able to live life on their terms making music. Financially successful artists leverage a variety of platforms, companies, and revenue streams to support their careers. MariNation is a game changing addition to this list.

What strategies do you use to help artists create the funds they need to sustain their careers?

The majority of financially successful artists have multiple revenue streams and ways of investing this money. Leveraging the money artists currently have into diversifying their money. Money being spread out into different areas such as a stock portfolio, income property , and using it towards monetizing a product linked to their music complement one another given the uncertainties of artists careers. If one of these investments has a rough month then there are others to pick up the slack.

MarinationMusic gives artists the ability to create new investment streams without taking their hands off the wheel of what is most important to them… their music career.

If there’s one thing we know about artists, it’s that they don’t generally have a backup plan. What would it look like to create a world where artists can rest easy knowing they don’t have to worry about money?

A world where artists can rest easy knowing they don’t have to worry about money would bring the greatest period of creative expression through music the world has ever seen. Pressure, angst, frustration, and worry are the primary drivers behind hindering one’s creativity. In artists’ lives it is the pressure, frustration, angst, and worry around money. When these negative emotions vanish it frees space for people to have more creative energy. Artists having the ability to focus primarily on music will increase the number of songs, collaborations, quality, and enhance the emotions music evokes in all of us.

This has a tremendous trickle down effect in regards to boosting the economy, well being of society, and inventions based around this new revolution of music and creative expression.

We are grateful to have seen the impact MarinationMusic has had on music creators. We welcome anyone who wants to be a part of reinventing the world for the better.

Is there anything else I should have asked?

All Good! 👍

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