Recently I caught up with Kyle from indie acoustic/rock band The Lost Sounds. Tell us about The Lost Sounds and what you bring to the table.

The Lost Sounds is a indie band that writes songs that aim to inspire and give people hope, to connect with people on a personal level and help them get through the day to day.

What do you feel are some of the ways that indie artists should adapt and change in today’s music industry? What qualities should a successful artist have?

I don’t know if artists need to adapt or change, they just need to be themselves and do their best. I feel success is really a personal and internal goal. Success to me is just knowing I’m doing everything I can to give life to these songs.

What have you found works well for you as far as promotion goes?

Really just using social media, the internet and playing live gigs. People like to hear music live but they want to get a digital copy for their ipods, so giving them both is great for promo. The fans can really see the and connect when they know you are being real.

Who in music do you most admire most and why?

I admire a wide range of artists, from guys like James Taylor to The Verve to Paul Kalkbrenner.

Do you have any advice for aspiring independent musicians who may feel disillusioned or discouraged at times?

Just to really focus on the foundations of writing great songs, once you have that everything else comes much easier.

How can music fans keep tabs on The Lost Sounds?

We use facebook and our website


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