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New Orleans alternative blues jazz duo /fyo?o?/ recently released an 8 track collection entitled “Temp’rall Sho’gazing”.

The co-founders of /fyo?o?/ consists of Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper who set out to create originals and perform music that grips the soul and imagination in the process. This release is comprised of 3 originals mixed with tastefully chosen cover tunes which are both experimental and sometimes unexpected.

Mainly falling in a more the old school Jazz and Blues tradition in song choices and original compositions, this album also touches occasionally into the funk territory and often times has a very gospel approach. Katrarina’s soulful and headstrong vocal style much like Billy Holliday or Ella Fitzgerald are nicely accompanied by Sam Tepper’s virtuoso blues/jazz playing on piano and keyboards that could be compared at times to the great Stevie Wonder.

Track List:
1. Better
2. Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair
3. St. Louis Blues
4. Gotcha Child
5. Sometimes I feel like a Motherless Child
6. Nibble
7. Blues after Hours
8. Taint Nobody’s Business

Artist Biography
Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper are the cofounders of /fyo?o?/. New Orleans based, /fyo?o?/ creates original music and covers music that grips the soul and imagination in the process. Katarina is a writer, dancer, teacher, and musician. Her novel “Platform Dwellers” is available from Owl Hollow Press. She is the current director of Noladancing. Sam Tepper is a genuine human being and virtuoso musician.

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