Japanese Folk Rock Collective Rock of Asia Release Magisterial New Album “TAMI”

Japanese Folk Rock Collective Rock of Asia

Nikki Matsumoto and his boundary-smashing Japanese folk rock musical collective Rock of Asia have returned with an illuminating, magisterial new album entitled “TAMI”, released June 16th on digital platforms. The prolific multi-instrumentalist composer and his esteemed bandmates have further evolved their original vision on this release to create something bold and revolutionary. “TAMI” is meaning-infused Japanese Folk Rock which transcends cultural and political boundaries, creating a truly soul-rattling experience.

Rock Of Asia’s unique musical fusion blends Western instruments like the guitar and violin with Eastern instruments like the koto, shamisen, sho, and erhu. In other words, this music has rock at it’s core, but it carries an ancient, traditional power that is undeniable on first listen.

The band have recently undergone a brief tour of Asia, performing some of the previously unreleased songs for Singaporean and Indonesian audiences.

Japanese Folk Rock Collective Rock of Asia

Adventurous listeners will find refuge and monolithic spirits pervading this epic new offering from Rock Of Asia“TAMI” is the band’s 4th album. The album is accompanied by a music video for the title track.

Listen or purchase “TAMI” on Bandcamp.

Stream “TAMI” on Spotify.

Watch the official music video for the title track.

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