Jello Biafra Comes Alive On New Ministry Track ‘Sabotage Is Sex’

The news of fabled industrial metal misfit Al Jourgensen‘s majestic return on Ministry‘s well-reviewed new album “Moral Hygiene” is good news for heavy music, and perhaps no track on the album wails like ‘Sabotage Is Sex’, a chaotic groover that excels in every way thanks to the inspired lead vocals of Jello Biafra. With lyrics like “the body cam leads to body slam…a tiny traffic ticket leads to Bang! Bang! Bang!” coupled with the maniacal, passionate vocals make this a modern industrial punk classic.

“Moral Hygeine” is also pretty superb as an album, earning top reviews from many discerning reviewers and celebrities across the heavy music realms. Out now via Nuclear Blast.

Listen to “Sabotage Is Sex” below.

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