With a vulnerable vocal output similar to the wonderfully unique Jessica Lea Mayfield (who recently covered Nirvana’s “Lounge Act” brilliantly), Australian singer/songwriter Jessica Paige contributes a stunning vocal to a surprisingly creepy track “Never Never Land“, which you can hear on her Soundcloud page. It definitely sounds like all the stops were pulled in this collaboration with pianist Luke Howard. Sounding like a more beautiful, female energy-infused sequel to the dark take on “Mad World” employed by Gary Jules on the Donny Darko soundtrack, this is a real stunner through and through. Having already achieved some success in the industry and getting nods from both Rolling Stone and The Music Network, Jessica is looking to expand in all directions. If “Never Never Land” of the general directions we can expect from Jessica, you can place your bets on her being a darling of the indie music blogs very shortly.

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