Somewhere in the cosmos, Jim Morrison is smiling, resting in the knowledge that someone out there really ‘got it’, all that talk of painful wildernesses, lizard self-awareness and personal release at the end of all things. At least one person ‘got it’, and it’s clear that person is Marilyn Manson. On Manson’s recently released cover of the famed Doors classic (and perhaps the greatest Doors song) “The End”, he breathes new life into the many iconic lyrics that made the song famous. Although he’s of course assisted by the greatness of the initial material, he’s moving with ease into a new elder stateman poet era with ease, using his voice as instrument. Not unlike the great Leonard Cohen, who I feel would appreciate the level of passion Manson puts into this recitation of Morrison’s poetry.

In 2020, Marilyn Manson is no longer just an Antichrist Superstar. He’s a goddamn poet.

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