In the tradition of 2Pac’s “Dear Mama”, independent rapper J Jives has recently released a new music video for his track “Mama Don’t Cry”, which tells the tale of  a son dealing with his guilt over causing his mother too much grief; too many poor life choices can make for an unhappy home. However autobiographical this particular tale is, J Jives seems sincere. His rapping and lyrics are both impressive, as he pays homage to old school 90’s influences, relaxing his delivery to match the emotional nature of the track. The melodic chorus vocals are excellent as well – overall this is a solid song and message.

The video itself, directed by C.Ridla, is a well done indie video with a good use of  neighbourhood footage, family flashbacks, and J Jives himself rapping against a black backdrop. If J Jives continues to produce work like this, his name will definitely be popping up in more places more often.

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