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Touring With Opening Bands

by MATT BACON > So one thing I have had a hard time figuring out in recent months has been the sheer struggle of opening bands on small name tours. I’ve seen multiple tours now where there was a headlining band good for say, 50 people in a given market take along an opener who...

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Ready To Tour? Really?

by MATT BACON > This is the first question that any band should be asking themselves at almost any stage of their career. Even major touring bands need to properly think this one out. There are a lot of times when you are not ready to tour, and that’s fine, you just need to accept...

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Touring: Alternative Markets

by MATT BACON > The more I tour and the more I book the more I realize some weird hidden secrets about the music industry and putting together shows. There are things that you only start to pick up over years of experience and hard earned observation. It’s part of why it’s important for you...

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