[metaslider id=13809]For many of us who have been self-isolating and now may be on mandatory quarantine, it’s been the ultimate Netflix and chill marathon. But even watching all the seasons of Friends in a row and contributing to the baby boom that will inevitably happen this December can get boring. Despite being one of the hardest hit industries in all this, many artists, musicians and performing artists have opened their hearts – and their playlists -to entertain the bored masses.

This is the 1st edition of Layla Marino’s Lockdown Get-Down series. Be sure to read the 2nd and 3rd; Lockdown Get-Down #2, Lockdown Get-Down #3.

Without getting too soapboxy, this is why art and music are so essential. Throughout history when something horrible happens – whether it be war, plague, fire or famine – music and art have the power to keep morale up, comment on the current situation or even raise funds for the causes. When things are going well, some people in society say art and music are non-essential but they truly, truly are. It’s needed and even now it’s helping as artists and musicians donate their time and their product.

There’s so many people donating time and entertainment online right now that it’s hard to keep up with all the awesome. There’s too much good stuff, so IMP is here to help with out essential Lock Down Get-Down  weekly list of all the entertaining things we can do online. From everything to music livestreams to re-releases of TV shows to classes even to science exhibitions, it’s all going digital and it’s all going to keep going. Even though we may be separated, we can still all party together. Here’s the list for this week and also some ongoing things. Be sure to stay tuned to IMP weekly for updates.

Music Livestreams

Probably the biggest and most interactive thing that we can all tune into is livestream concerts, DJ sets and even theatrical shows. It’s all going down online and the cool thing is fans can watch together, even when they’re physically separated. Obviously we can’t catch them all but here’s a few of our favorites.

1. Diplo Dailies: Diplo is always down to party, and he has pledged to do daily livestreams from his YouTube channel. He’s switching it up as well; ambient sets with special guests, “Corona Sabbath” Saturdays and even a Major Lazer set he dubbed “A Very Lazer Sunday.” Check out all the action on his YouTube:

2. Together, at Home: The Global Citizen foundation who normally puts on concerts in aid of human crises has started coordinating livestreams from various artists under the hashtag #togetherathome. So far their dedicated playlist has included the likes of Chris Martin, John Legend and Common. Some other independent artists have also posted their own #togetherathome videos on YouTube so it’s worth a search. Meanwhile, Global Citizen will post livestreams daily.

3. Ultra Virtual Audio Festival: Ultra Festival in Miami was one of the first to have to cancel at the beginning of the Corona quarantine. As partners of the festival, SiriusXM and UMF Radio have teamed up to bring livestreams of all the DJ sets that were originally planned for the two-day festie, including Martin Garrix, The Chainsmokers and Zedd. Check out Sirius XM’s Twitter for more info.

4. Live From Home: The popular “Live from Here” web series that incorporates comedy, music and theater has started a new playlist which essentially streams the show’s segments from the guests’ respective homesLots of laughs and beautiful music.

5. United We Stream 24 Hour Virtual Club in Berlin: After the entire massive nightlife scene was shut down in the techno capital of the world, promoters in Berlin deigned to keep partying with their 24 hour party stream. It’s literally live, literally all the time. The United We Stream Website asks for donations to support the hurting entertainment industry but the livestream is ostensibly free, and the website has a list of who’s playing when. Fans who may have missed their favorites because they are not Berliners and actually sleep once in a while can catch past sets, posted on YouTube, where the livestream can also be found.

6. DJ Rap weekly drum & bass streams: DJ Rap has said the corona virus can “get the hump” and will be doing live streaming vinyl sets every Wednesday “hump day,” as long as it’s fun. The last one was lots of fun, so here’s hoping she continues for a long time. Tune into her Facebook every Wednesday for more vibes.

7. The Met: The Metropolitan Opera in New York, since having to cancel the rest of their 2019-2020 season, has decided to post one livestream opera per day as long as the social distancing continues. Operas are available for 20 hours each day that they’re posted. Truly any genre is available for fans! Check out the Met Opera website for the schedule.

8. Rampage Radio: Rampage is another major festival that was cancelled in Europe and they were also one of the first to throw an online stream up. In fact, they had sets from many of the scheduled artists like Pendulum (who did a four-hour set), Friction, Koven and more. The sets are still up on the Rampage Facebook page, they just posted a new one with Murdock and MC Mota and more are being planned.

9. YUKU Yutopia Updating Playlist: There’s lots of Spotify playlists going around but our pick for the most interesting one is from up-and-coming label and collective, YUKU. An excellent mix of electronic wonders to groove out to.


Q&As, AMAs, Lessons and Contests

Lots of artists and musicians are doing things other than livestreams. This past week, for example, Noel Fielding held an “Art Club” art contest for kids in which he and fellow comedian Joe Lycett gave kids 24 hours to make art and submit it. Joe then picked a winner. Similarly, the RAM Records label has started a contest for t-shirt designs. There will likely be more art contests coming shortly that can be live tweeted or done on Instagram.


We’ve spotted two for this weekend but there are sure to be more. If you like bass music, Upgrade will be doing a Q&A live also on the Ram Records Facebook Page. Also, Margaret Atwood has taken to Twitter and is making book recommendations to people’s requests. There’s quite a list going already, but fans who are eager for something to read can always ask for more.

Now’s also a great time to learn more musical skills, whether you’re a seasoned producer or just starting out. Both Moog and Korg have put their legendary keyboard and programming systems into apps for free, making access and playing around with the famous sounds easier than ever. While Moog’s Minimoog Model D is only on iOS for now, Korg’s Kaossilator is on both iOS and Android.

Finally in the lessons category, bass music mega-producer Current Value is offering production classes for a limited time as well. This guy doesn’t give out tips very often or, like, ever, but he’s doing it now so would-be sound designers should be leaping at the chance. Go to CV’s Facebook page for more details.

Miscellaneous Wonders

If all that music and art isn’t enough to keep you entertained (and let’s face it, some of us can burn through most of that in a couple of days), there’s a few more bits and bobs that are fun for the whole family.

1. Metalocalypse is back and it’s brutal: Although not much of a family show, what would an incipient apocalypse be without the ultimate show on the subject? Adult Swim has put the erstwhile show up to stream for free on its website. Brutality certainly is here (note: some fans in Europe have reported it doesn’t work outside of North America). Check it out here.

2. Animal cams: Explore.org, the Monterey Bay Aquarium, The National Aquarium in Baltimore and the Djuma Game Reserve in South Africa have live animal cams going 24-7. Excellent for home schooling, and of course the best art and music comes form nature. Pick one and watch the majesty.

3. Over 300,000 French artworks online: The Louvre and the Paris Musees Collection have teamed up to upload as many of their precious artworks onto the website in all their high-res splendor. Great for viewing, appreciating and teaching. Click here to check out the beauty and see the counter as more pieces are uploaded.

4. YMCA360 all classes free online: From yoga to kids fitness to bootcamp, YMCA wants to make sure everyone can stay healthy while indoors so they’ve made the YMCA360 classes portal open and free with no need for a membership. Check their website to browse all the classes.

That’s it for now; check in with us on Monday for more music, art and miscellaneous to keep entertained and a positive vibe. Also remember to support all the artists, musicians, actors, museums and other entertainment spots as much as you can. Despite many of them losing their entire livelihoods in an instant, this talented crew are donating their time, their work and most of all their spirit to the cause of keeping everyone calm and happy during this crisis. Find your favorite artist or musician’s Patreon page or check out their Bandcamp page where right now the hosting site is waiving all their commission and fees and giving 100% of the money that comes in directly to the artists. Many of the artists are offering free music, merch and discounts as well. More info on the Bandcamp main website.

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