Lofi Hip Hop and Chillhop Producer Mike Masch Delivers on “Return to the Boulevard”

Prolific Detroit-based Lofi Hip Hop musician and producer Mike Masch delivers a chameleonic new album “Return to the Boulevard”, offering a diverse collection of Chillhop, Jazzhop, Lounge, and Downtempo music. This innovative instrumental release should appeal to fans of Pete Rock, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Jinsang, Ocha and TomppaBeatsWhen not relaxing & producing his own super chillhop/jazzhop/lofi hip hop under Mike Masch, he is songwriting & performing intelligent, crafty lyrics & hooks under rapper name, Moment. Chock full of endless chill vibes, “Return to the Boulevard” is essential listening for any instrumental lofi hip hop or electronic music enthusiasts.

“This release is a follow-up to the successful 2017 chillhop album, ‘Sanguine on Amplified Blvd’. The new album expands on the easy listening lounge style but expands into lofi hip-hop. This produces a slight modern edge over the prior album that Mike believes fans of these genres will really love. As mentioned from the prior album, sanguine means staying confident even in tough or difficult times. This kind of music inspires that level of emotion & feeling and Mike is ready to bring more of it to others. This is vital, as everyone can use something like this during these times or just throughout their days.” – Mike Masch

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Always ready to bring truth & excitement in the form of music, Mike Masch aka Moment is one of the few who can do a little of everything. Originally from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Mike is an American music producer-singer-songwriter. Growing up taking piano lessons & performing in recitals at only 5 years old, he realized at an early age that music was a passion. It wasn’t until later when there was a huge enjoyment for the phenomenal vibes of electronic music, lofi hip hop, and lounge.

Mike ultimately relocated, perfecting his musical talents in Philadelphia, PA in 2009. It was here that he furthered his education in music production, audio engineering and began work as a DJ. He also attended countless showcases, lessons, and classes of various genres to hone his unique style of music. After discovering the limitless world of music production, Mike began working hand-in-hand with many talented musicians across the country. This included running his own record label plus producing & engineering all kinds of different styles. Now, looking to further his career as a solo artist in Detroit, Mike is releasing his most focused and talented material YET.

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