I’d like to draw your attention to The Nameless Girl, who will probably be a household name within the year provided she gets the right kind of push. Jemma Crook, the lead singer of this emotionally driven “bi-polar pop rock monster”, has a stunningly unique voice. Eclectic, to be sure, yet extremely catchy and something truly special. There is both knowingness and innocence in the music and they are simultaneous. I normally don’t gravitate towards pop music unless it really inspires me, and I’ve listened to “Bright Light” four times in a row here.  That should tell you something.

Like a mixture of Adele, Dirty Projectors, Florence & The Machine, and Bjork infused with more mainstream pop influences, her back up vocals seem to dance around her lead, and that’s what makes her style addictive. The band is a 5-piece, and they all do a fantastic job of playing “for the song” – lots of subtle synth work and dynamic shifts uncharacteristic of a young act like this.

The Nameless Girl certainly has potential to carve a strong niche and gain more than a cult following. This is spellbinding, beautiful music coming from an honest place, yet somehow quirky and unique enough to get the hipsters on board. Don’t be surprised if you see Stereogum or Pitchfork giving The Nameless Girl a mention in the near future.

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